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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why are they ALWAYS SOOOOO happy?

Please see below:

I just don't understand why these people are SO happy to be packing... Ugh! Have they all hired people to pack for them and only posed for these photos??! *L*
I enjoy the vision of my family and I chilling in our new home... With boxes surrounding us.... For months! Maybe years! :P
But I completely despise packing.... At first I thought I would enjoy the overwhelming job of packing up our whole household mostly on my own....
I don't.
I'm tired and sick... The pain in my neck hasn't gone away yet... The medicine the Doctor prescribed is to make me lightheaded (yippee!) and says on the label 'Don't lie down for 30 minuets after taking this medicine'... Umm... Why??? Will I not wake up? AHHH! I'm supposed to take them 3 times a day! Ugh!
Anyways... Tyler was kind enough to let me sleep as long as I could... Which ended up being right before 1pm! And the only reason I woke up was because Emma came downstairs and asked for some food... *L* My sinuses are plugged, my neck is aching, I still have this silly hack-up-a-lung cough that won't go away....
And I have to pack! Most of it by tomorrow 10am (someone help that man if he shows up a minuet before 10am!) so the house we're in (thankfully for years with no raising rent!) can be appraised.
So back to the Tyler thing... When I woke up he was trying to wash his way out of the pile that had taken over our kitchen.... And then he moved into packing up the spare room (AKA: Emma's room right now).... Not 100% sure why he moved onto that task... The dishes still aren't complete... But I started into them... Anyways...
I'm ranting... I know.. Sorry... Guess I'm just avoiding all the work ahead of me tonight...
Back to my rant *L*...
So I've decided that I need something that resembles this:
This MIGHT fit everything we own.... Maybe...
And if only my packing looked like this:
Could you imagine? All organized and right by the front door for easy access on the moving day... They must not have kids! *L*
Apparently you can buy a 'kit'.... I think... I found this online somewhere...
that's not nearly enough boxes anyways.... *wink*
Well... Off I go to pack with my kids unpacking everything I just packed... I'm soooooo excited! *L*
(Tyler is on nights, which is even more fun! *LOL*)

1 comment:

Jesslikesstuff said...

wow, you're brave, packing with a pre-schooler and toddler around. But if anyone can do it, you can!