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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well it FINALLY happened! Jessica and Kevin over at November Baby had their little baby 'J'....
Why 'J'?? Well Jessica made a deal with Kevin that she could tell all us eager friends and family the first letter in the baby girls name but not the whole name as that was to be a surprise!
Honestly, for their Thanksgiving cake that they made she did this:

But yes, back to the wonderful news!
Friday (November 28) at 2:04pm baby Juliet was born! She weighed in at 8 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 21 inches long!!! I think that's a wonderful weight as my children were in the 9's! *LOL* makes you feel like you won't "break them"... *L* :P
Of course Juliet didn't make the labour easy! It was 48 hours of labour with 36 of it being medication free! Total "ACK!"....
After the doctors decided that Juliet's head wasn't going to drop a C-Section was ordered! Both Juliet and Jessica are fine! As well as Daddy Kevin! *L*
And I know that 'big sis' Ophelia Glinda McSnuggles is waiting for the chance to give Juliet a big lick at home! *L*

Here are some wonderful photos of baby Juliet Isabella Rain McDonald meeting her Mommy and Daddy for the first time!

(Jess, I hope you don't mind that I stole these! Let me know if it's a problem!)

I am SO proud of these two! You've done excellent work prepping for baby Juliet and I just know that you're going to be awesome parents!

Congratulations you three!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Special Friday Flashback!

Can you believe it? I'm actually doing my Friday Flashback ON Friday! Ha! *LOL*

Today's photo is a very special one to me. Whenever I find myself completely overwhelmed by Emma I try to take a moment to look at it. First the photo.... Then the story.

First off: Sorry about the photo quality. I had to take a photo of a photo... I'll explain in a second.

When Emma was born at 10:50am on December 12, 2003 she was a happy, healthy 9lbs 2oz baby!

13 hours later while I woke from a painful sleep and Tyler was changing her diaper the nurse and I noticed that Emma was blue. Very blue.

She had been very quiet, slept lots and wasn't at all hungry... the almost perfect baby... *sigh* But it took her turning blue for us to realize that something was wrong.

After a few moments she was rushed away from us (she had been an emergency c-section)... And we were left to wonder what on earth was happening....

SO I decided to take a much needed shower... I remember getting out to the shower and barely getting clothing on when a bunch of nurses came into my room. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:30am, on the dot. Emma was there as well.

They explained to us, quickly, that Emma was having breathing problems and they weren't sure why... So they were rushing her by ambulance to the NICU at another hospital (the one we were at didn't have one... Great hospital though, went back to have Zoë!). They would hopefully be able to find me a room at that hospital. Then they handed us the photo above (it's a Polaroid) and left.

As you can see she was in the incubator with bunches of tubes attached to her. They did mention that they were pretty sure she was going to be okay as she was strong. Look at her fist alone!

Long story short (for today) after a week in NICU and a bunch of transfers for me we were able to take home out bundle of joy.

I forget sometimes just how lucky we are to have this little girl. And just how lucky we are that we caught her turning blue. If we had been discharged that day she may have been considered a SIDS baby.... And I have a lot of trouble thinking of that.

Emma pushes me everyday.... And sometimes she pushes a bit to much. More often then not. So every now and then I like to take a single moment to look at this photo and remember what we've been through already and just how very lucky we are to have her in our lives.

I am very, very grateful for my Emma.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy US Thanksgiving!

Well now... It's Thanksgiving all over again in our household! *L*

We live in Canada... Thanksgiving for us was in October... But today is a special day for us all!

I signed up (with the brilliant idea...) to feed the Missionaries today! Thought it would be neat! Our girls get to learn about a different Country (and their holiday) and the Missionaries get a little piece of home.

As well, one of the Missionaries that helped me become baptised is flying in (from the States) and joining us for today's Thanksgiving dinner! Geee! I'm so excited to see Sister Buck!! :D

On the menu today are the following (nothing 'fancy'):

Main Course:
Homemade Cranberry Sauce (a first for me!)
Veggies - Green Beans and Corn
Homemade Gravy
Homemade Mashed Potatoes with Chives (all on my own, Tyler's at work and this is usually his specialty!)

Homemade Pumpkin Pie! (Geee! I even used my mix master for the first time ever! Only took four months!)
Whipped Cream

Pop - Coke, Pepsi, Ginger ale (w/cranberry too!), Sprite
Juice - Peach, Apple
Cranberry Fizz (First time trying it out, hope it works!)
Soda Shop Cola (Sooooooo good! And easy to make!)

I'm really hoping everything turns out. I've already made the pie, have the potatoes scrubbed... veggies are ready to go.... Drinks are in the fridge... And the Turkey will go in the oven right before I take Emma to school!

Today's schedule go as follows:
Make table bigger
Take Emma to school and DH child goes home
Clean the house
Make the basement ready for Sister Buck to sleep in (bed prepped, etc.)
Organize the house
Run to store
Pick up Emma from school
Keep cooking, cleaning, laundry
Tyler home from work
Place table (including the homemade menu's I made!)
Missionaries and Sister Buck show up for 6:30pm dinner (they really can't be late because...)
Zac's Birthday Bash Concert in Edmonton (starts at 7 goes until 11:30pm. We'll be late and Sister Buck is coming with us!)

We have a ton going on tonight! And then tomorrow I have the DH Kid coming at 7:15am and Emma has school! *L*

Here's hoping that I can have everything ready for 6:00pm.... This will be the first holiday dinner that I've made... And mostly on my own! Geee!

I'll keep you posted! And take photos!

More soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Favorites:

Song: Silent Night, Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree… The list goes on!
Dessert: Chocolate anything!
Dinner item: Tyler’s Family: Sweet Potatoes! My Family: Mom’s Caramelized Carrots (Yum!)
Drink: Oooo… Well Egg Nog of course. But also Cherry Cola!
Colour: Red… And gold. Might be the only time that I enjoy seeing gold around!
Tradition: Don’t really have one since being married. We’ve traveled so much. Used to be that my family would stay up all night Christmas Eve wrapping the final gifts and such, always fun… I guess now it’s Santa’s Letter! :D
Childhood memory: How the tree and gifts looked when you finally got to see it! My family puts a lot of effort into their gift wrapping and tree decorating! It’s insane!!

Christmas quiz:

When did you stop believing in Santa?: I was younger… I remember hearing my Mom and Grandparents discussing Santa’s Letter… *L*

Do you love gift giving, or gift getting?: Well both of course… But I thrive on the gift giving!

How many Christmas's do you have?: Since being married… Two, nope three! We are either here with my family and have Christmas and then Christmas with Sarah and Conor at New Years. OR we travel (changes every year) to Tyler’s family, then have Christmas with my family the following weekend and then have Christmas with S&C on New Years!

How many people do you have to buy presents for?: Oh my goodness… A LOT! Lets see…Over 20.Who is the hardest person to buy for?: This year? Humm…. Not sure yet.

Who is the easiest person to buy for?: My girls!

What do YOU want for Christmas this year?: New glasses! (Ha, Ha, Ha… Sarah!)

Who will you be sharing your Christmas memories with?: Tyler and our Girls… Then my family for sure and hopefully we’ll get to travel to Tyler’s family!

Will you be traveling for Christmas?: Hopefully! To Cardston!

What is your Christmas wish!?: If I tell you, will it come true?






Natalie (from Natalie's Sentiments... Soemthing fun to do!)


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favorite Pal Giveaway at Natalie's Sentiments!

This one is quite simple really..... As Natalie put it (and my Husband would agree!):
"Okay. I've done it. I figured out the one thing that EVERYONE would like to win this Christmas. Everyone has someone on their Christmas list who would like a new tie. I have 5 people on my list who could use one. So I hit up My Favorite Pal to sponsor a giveaway because they not only have great adult ties (Shane has this one and loves it), but they make children's ties as well. How cute would it be to give a matching set to daddy and son? The sizes run from infants to tall mens.

Black Flower (I really like this one... Humm... *L*)

Black w/ Silver Stripe Father & Son

Salmon Pink Polka Dot Father & Son

Want to win either a Men's Tie or a Child's tie?"

Head on over to Natalie's Sentiments and follow her contest rules to (hopefully!) win this great offer!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friday Flashback... Ona Monday Late Night... (Sorry!)

So... My family spent all of last week taking turns tossing their cookies with this horrible flu that's going around.

Or at least Emma and Tyler did. And he's not over it quite yet. Zoë had tummy issues for the week but is back to normal now... And I've been fine! Well... Sort of. But that's a whole other issue! *L*

This is why I'm a bit behind on this post... That and I had a 'Calendar Switch' night here Friday... Anyone have photos??!

Anyhoo... Here's the photo... Are you ready for this??!

So let me explain.... *L*

For Zoë's baby shower we decided to hold off until we actually had her (not the best plan in my books). This was taken a month or less after she had been born.

At first I had no clue what I was doing... I knew I wasn't drunk... So what the heck??! *L*

But I was kindly reminded by a friend, Heather, who had been there as well that I was doing the limbo (Luau themed)... And looked...Like... THIS.

Umm humm...

I'm hot!


I'd like to thank my Mom for posting this on Facebook for everyone and their dog to see! *LOL* Too funny!

Oh yes. This is me at the ripe old age of 22. Just after having my second child.

Good times!

I was tagged! *G*

Thank you to Chelsey for tagging me on this.... Here I go!

5 years ago…
-I was married in July
-I had just finished College
-I was pregnant!
-I was living with a boy! ;P
-I lived 7 minutes from WEM! *L*

5 Things on my list for today...
-Load and Set the Dishwasher
-Scrub the bathtub
-Eat leftovers… (This takes a lot for me… No clue why)
-Finish switching over my calendar information
-Watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 in Hawaii… Doing what Tyler and I had planned this year. We bought a house instead.

5 snacks I enjoy
-Pop (Coke)
-Fruit fondue
-Ice Cream… Sometimes. Or frozen yogurt!

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
- Pay off any debt! (My list is a lot longer then this with travel, move and such)
- Help family out.
- Buy a newer vehicle!
-“Get those invisible braces” (Totally with you on this one Chelsey!)
-“Save lots so I always have money to eat out” (Agreed! *L* Imagine, Tyler and I have actually talked about this.. It would just be at better restaurants!)

5 places I have lived
- Fort McMurray
- Edmonton
- Leduc!
- In a House
-In an Apartment…

5 jobs I have had
- Extra-ing
- Volunteering like you wouldn’t imagine!
- Theatre Work
- Wedding & Event Planning
- Dayhome Provider

I tag:
- Sarah
- Jessica
- Rhonda
- Natalie
- Ashley
- Kristi

Paisley Lane Giveaway @ Natalie's Sentiments!

Well it's finally happened! *L* Natalie is doing a giveaway from her very own store, Paisley Lane!

I, personally, am totally excited about this giveaway.... Have you seen her stuff? GAH! Her handcrafted jewelry is amazing... to die for actually (Christmas idea!!!)...

So what are you still doing here? Looking for pictures..... Fine, see below! *L* I should also add in that the giveaway is for a "Four Seasons Set" of earrings... And it's deadline is TODAY! 11:59pm MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17th! ACK! I better get moving!

See you over at Natalie's Sentiments!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Best of Chattanooga - Christmas Gift Giveaway from Natalie's Sentiments

Here's a new one! The rules for this have changed today... For this wonderful gift from Turner Publishing all you need to do is e-mail Natalie and she'll let us know who won next week.

It's a beautiful book called Historic Photos of Chattanooga by William F. Hull. Do stop by Natalie's site to read more information about it!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Twilight is close!



Taken from DOSE.CA

The Twilight soundtrack debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. (Getty Images)

Twilight Soundtrack Scratches, Tramples and Bitch-Slaps Its Way to Top of the Charts

Leah Collins
Published: Wednesday, November 12, 2008

While a mob of 3,000 hormonal Twilight fans trampled and bloodied each other for the chance to breathe the same lilac-scented air as the dude who plays young-adult fiction's most beloved abusive boyfriend, 165,000 other fans of the vampire series shelled out their baby-sitting money for a copy of the Twilight movie soundtrack. The 12-track comp, led by Paramore's "Decode," debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 this week, reports the trade mag.
Not bad for a soundtrack to a movie where none of the main characters seem to have heard of the iPod.
The Twilight soundtrack's huge sales just go to boost the hype leading towards the movie's release. Bear in mind it's still two weeks before the sparkly (no, seriously), prudish -- and yet, totally dreamy -- Twilight vamps reach the big screen Nov. 21. If some kid doesn't lose an arm during a premiere night riot, consider us surprised.
Twilight author (and sometime music video director) Stephenie Meyer gave fans a preview of the soundtrack's tracklisting last month. Apart from two original, Twilight-inspired Paramore tracks, the collection includes songs from mope-masters as diverse as Muse, Iron and Wine, Linkin Park -- and (squee!) the movie's Rob "Edward Cullen" Pattinson singing "Never Think."

Pearl and Pauper Giveaway at Natalie's Sentiments!

Todays amazing giveaway come from Pearl and Pauper... And from what I can tell, they are talented!

From Natalie's site: "When it comes to giving gifts to women, nothing is as much a sure thing as wardrobe accessories. Pearl and Pauper have the cutest hand knit hats, scarfs and hair accessories, perfect for any woman on your Christmas list, even the littlest woman. (They have little boy hats too.)"

"Pearl and Pauper is offering 10% off your total order to natalie's sentiments readers. Just enter "natalie" in the coupon code area of the website."

Enter now at Natalie's Sentiments to win a hat for yourself or one to give away as a great gift! (They have Childrens and Grown-Up items!)

Sassy Sister Hat LOVE it!

They have much more then just hats!

From one of Natalie's other Giveaways (Buttons and Boas): "Buttons and Boas is offering free shipping until Dec 31st. Just mention Natalie's Sentiments when you order!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Illness making a wave!

My family is ill.... Just like the elephant to my left.

On Monday Emma decided it was time to calmly toss her cookies (thank goodness she was so calm about it all!)... Last night Zoë had a fever... Only 100.6, but still! And then my Hubby came home.

He had phoned me when he got off of work around 12:30am and said his stomach hurt (which was the tell-tale sign for Emma to toss) but was just going to stop off at a friends place to check out this new game he got. that's fair, when you're on night shift, being out until the wee hours of the morning is 'normal'.

I have no clue what time he got home at... I think he said he left his friends place at 3:16am and then it's at least a 20-30 minute drive home.... So what's that... 3:40-3:50am.

And then he was ill. Tossing his cookies. I don't really remember this much as I was exhausted and had been hoping to get some good sleep (not the 'Mommy ears' sleep where you can't "turn them off" because you're listening for this exact thing...)....

Then, right before I was to get up and going (and before my Dayhome Child was to be over), e tossed again.

If you should know anything about my Husband it should be this, he will do just about anything not to toss his cookies. And I can't blame him!

So now I'm stuck in a predicament. I have my DH Child here (which technically they're not supposed to be here until it's been 24 hours since the last toss session)... I explained to his father the situation. As I thought he had to go to work (can't blame him for this) but said to call him if I needed to take care of other things... he may be able to take a 1/2 day. Maybe.

Um humm....

So... I'm exhausted and in no mood for misbehaving children (this is a warning kids!)... My Husband is tossing... Emma is almost totally recovered and Zoë is still up in the air with which way this illness will go towards her.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Natalie's At It Again!

Today's Fall Giveaway from Natalie's Sentiments is with studio jk vinyl!

Honestly, wonderful stuff!

"Studio jk is offering free shipping for orders over $30 for the month of November. Just put "natalie's sentiments" in the "message to seller' when you checkout." (Thanks Natalie!)

How exciting!!!
If anyone knows anything about me, you know my love for vinyl designs.... I have them all over my house!

I love this one!
So head on over to Natalie's Sentiments and follow her contest rules!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Who does this?

Emma: Mommy, my tummy hurts.
Me: Okay well I'll make you some soup for dinner and some other light things just in case.

After we've eaten Italian Wedding Soup, Crackers and some cheese and crackers things with water. As well as watched some TV shows (Jon and Kate Plus 8 and Little People Big World!) it was time for the girls to get ready for bed.

Emma went to use the washroom (oh yes, there's more to this story from earlier that I'll go into in another blog when I'm not so exhausted) and after whatnot decided she couldn't brush her teeth.. She just didn't feel well enough.

So I got her to lay in her bed, placed a towel on her floor (protect the 6month old carpet!!!!) with a bucket (2 actually! Why leave her there with nothing 'just in case!' They stack!) and went to deal with Zoë.

I had told Emma that I would take her temperature when I had Zoë settled in for the night.

I had just gotten Zoë to bed when I hear her out of her room asking Emma questions:

Zoë: Emma, are you sick?
Emma: Yeah.... My tummy hurts.... (then something else I couldn't quite make out)....
Zoë: Oh. Okay. (She went back to bed here)

Then I hear Emma in the hallway coming to my room so I meet her halfway, slightly annoyed* that she couldn't just wait for me to come and take her temperature as I said I would....
And then I saw it. She had tossed her cookies, held a whole conversation with her sister (this was what I missed) and was asking me if I would now take her temperature! *L*

I have an awesome child.

And she's been so well tempered throughout the whole ordeal! Even has my cleaning of the bucket routine down!

Poor kid.

*I'd like to let you know that I wasn't annoyed as soon as I got into her room! And yes, we did take her temperature!

So yes.... I just had to share this little bit of.... I don't know... Whatever it is. All I know is that I have an awesome little girl who isn't letting this little issue get in the way of her happy attitude!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I WON!!!!

Imagine! I won!

So by now I'm sure many of you have seen me blogging about the many wonderful giveaways that Natalie has been doing over at here blog, Natalie's Sentiments.

As well as blogging about her giveaways, I've been entering them too.... And I won!!! Geeee!
I went to check out to see who she matched up with today for a giveaway when I read at the bottom of the newest giveaway (check that out here!):

The Mostly Monkeys Giveaway winner is Zoglady. Email me your address and we will get that monkey out to you. Congrats! "

I'm SOOOOOO stinking excited!! *L* (And yes, I believe I got that sentence from Sister Peavler! *L*)....

I can't wait to see this cute little monkey at my doorstep!
I may have to ask for help naming her! Just wait for that blog! *L*

Thank you Natalie and Lisa (The Owner/Creator of Mostly Monkeys) for this wonderful gift! She will be loved very much in my home, I promise!

Mighty Leaf Tea Giveaway at Natalie's Sentiments!

Here we go again!

Natalie has joined up with Mighty Leaf Tea who "is going to send one of you their herbal infusions sampler packaged in a decorative tin. Filled with 30 biodegradable Tea Pouches of the following flavors: Chamomile Citrus, African Nectar, Ginger Twist, Organic Mint Mélange and Rainforest Maté."

As well, like Natalie, I have this to say: "Note - The Rainforest Maté is made with a hint of black tea, so if you don't drink regular tea (like me) you may want to pass on this flavor."

You know what you have to do! Head on over to Natalie's Sentiments and follow her Contest Rules for a chance to win!

The deadline for this contest is Sunday, November 16th!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh Yes!

I would like to welcome you all to my new love.... For today!

It's called 'Swanky Paper' and it's wonderful!

Heather makes such great things! She does a wide range of paper stuff (Invitations, Cards, Notes, Announcements, Bookplates.... The list goes on) and will work with you to create the exact things you're looking for!

I fell in love when I saw the bookplates... Honestly, total love! I of course love books so anything that may help me from not losing it... Well I love!

Check out her site at Business site Swanky Paper and/or check out her blog here!

Oh! And her prices are great!
Check it out and let me know what you think!
Heather, I just realized that I totally didn't ask permission to use these photos... If you'd like me to take them down, please let me know! Thanks!
Update: As of yesterday (I think...*L*) I had permission from Heather to use her photos! Geee! :D

Another Natalie's Sentiments Giveaways!

Okay so I worked backwards from her site.... This is the contest that closes the soonest... Then the Popsqually & Company one and then the Buttons and Boas one! Go quick to Natalie's site and enter!

"Mom to two monkeys of my own I love to use my crafty wiles whenever I can find the time. Lately I'm in love with monkey makin', and want to share them with you."

She makes the coolest monkeys around! *L* I personally adore the Super Monkey! What fun!

From Natalie's site: "Mostly Monkeys designer, Lisa, has created this special edition monkey just for this giveaway. But if you prefer one in her shop, she will be happy to send that one your way instead. (She has monkey's for boys too.) She does custom orders so you can get a monkey to match your child's bedroom scheme, or favorite color. I love that these could be heirloom toys."

Head on over to Natalie's Sentiments and follow her Contest Rules!!

Fall Giveaway Soiree at Natalie's Sentiments!

Here's another one for ya!

Natalie is doing her 'Fall Giveaway Soiree' and this time it's with:

Popsqually & Company

Popsqually & Company is a custom, specialty boutique that provides personalized stationery, invitations, announcements, photo cards and more!

They are giving away a wonderful little pack called the Petite Stationary Pack (view picture). It includes (10) Folded or Flat Notecards, (10) Enclosure Cards and (1) Bag Tag. If this isn't something that you're not to interested in just wait! You can choose instead to receive a set of 60 1.5" Round Labels!

Remember, in order to enter for this amazing gift you must visit Natalie's Sentiments and follow her Contest Rules!

Natalie's Sentiments Giveaway!

You may see a few blogs about many neat things that are being given away on Natalie's blogs... So be prepared!

This one is about her 'Fall Giveaway Soiree'...
Let me tell you.... It's worth everyone checking out! Such beautiful stuff! It's over at Buttons and Boas... They make handmade baby stuff! And who doesn't love something that's handmade??!
Here's a list of things they make:
*Carseat/Stroller Mini Blankets

*Burp Cloths (the above is the girls example)

*Diaper Changing Stations (the above is the boys example)

And they'll make it in practically any colors, designs, theme that you'd like! Honestly, go look!

If you go to Natalie's site and follow her contest rules, you too could own a Diaper Changing Station or Burp Cloth!


Well this week it snowed... On and off... Luckily (and I mean luckily) it didn't last and by morning the snow had disappeared.... Such.... Sadness (can you hear the sarcasm in my writing??!).
I love snow. I love watching it glisten in the light while it covers the ground in soft, fluffy goodness.
I am fascinated by snowflakes... How can there be not one the same? Not ONE! Which them always brings me back to my yearly thought of how we, as Humans, are not one alike. Even if you're identical to someone you become your own person... Your own identity. Hummm....
And I love how my girls get so, SO excited when it snows. Every year since Emma could express her over-joyness about it snowing she giggles and says 'IT'S SNOWING!!! YAY!!!! :D"... Then she asks when she can play in it! I blame that part on the fact that she's a winter baby. Honestly!
This year was neat watching both girls.... Emma did her usual excitement about the snow falling (and she didn't care that it was melting when it hit the ground.... White stuff was falling from the sky!) and then Zoë piped in! She was excited too! Looking out our front window with wonderment written all over her face.... And secretly hoping that this meant Santa would be coming soon!
I myself dread... DREAD going out into the snow. I hate being cold, I hate having a chill.... I hate the feeling of coldness taking over my body no matter how much I bundle up... I hate it! I like the idea of playing in the snow, making snowmen (and women!) all over the front lawn.... Snow angles and all that good stuff.... But quite honestly I'd prefer to be inside with a good book and some hot chocolate!
I hate (Uggggggghhhhh!) wiping off and scraping off my van windows only to make my way to the front again to do the process all over.

I hate shoveling.

And I really don't care for how ANY winter jacket (or at least one that will make my body heat attempt to keep me warm) adds at least 20lbs to my figure. Bah! *L*

Yup. Winter.

I am looking forward to more excitement from the girls... Maybe some sledding for them as well (if the wind cooperates... Oh the wind!).... I'm looking forward to nights in with popcorn and hot chocolate while watching those classic Christmas movies....

I'm looking forward to the feeling of Christmas... The spirit of it as I like to say. How you can just see the goodness of people (and some who may surprise you here!) radiate off of them.

I'm looking forward to Christmas decorations (Oh yes, I'm 'one of those people' who get SOOOO excited when they put out the Christmas decorations before Hallowe'en is over! But I refuse to buy until after Hallowe'en of course! ;P)...

I am looking forward to Christmas... Just not the 'Winter' part....


Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Flashback!

Sarah & I August 2006

Today's Flashback only goes back a few years.... With some history involved.

Back in my College years (and not being a member of the Church) Sarah and I used to go out dancing with drinks.... Often. It was good times... *L*

Sarah became my roommate when I got an apartment a block from the College (thank goodness!) and slept on my couch forever! *LOL* Poor thing!

Anyhoo... We used to go out A LOT. And it was fun.... But then I made the big decision to, ya know, get married the summer after Grad and life became.... 'Calmer'.

I do get to see Sarah often... And we're both quite amazed that we still see a bunch of each other now that we've moved all the way out here to Leduc! *LOL* :P But we defiantly don't 'go out' the same way as we used to. Our big 'nights out' now consist of us meeting at one of our Wal-marts to walk around, shop and talk! *LOL*

Back to the photo.... It was taken August of 2006. One of my good best-friends was having his going away party at a bar (he was off to London to teach school!) so Sarah and I went... Danced to some Country and left.

We did manage to take a few photos and this was one of them! We hadn't been in the 'bar scene' for years so I must say, we look dang good! *LOL*

I'm very lucky to have such a great friend like Sarah.... I've now known her for... 7 years! Imagine THAT! She's not only my best-friend but someone who I actually enjoy working with on Weddings! AND our men get along really well too! *L* (See Sarah's post for more info about this)

Thank you Sarah for being such a wonderful friend who doesn't mind that I got married, had two kids and became a member of the Church. I don't think I can express enough of how much it means to me that I always know I have someone to turn to (other then the Hubby) when I need a shoulder!

You are truly a blessing in my life!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Friday Flashback... On a Monday!

So I totally missed Friday's Flashback as it was Hallowe'en and my day was REALLY busy! (I'll blog and post photos of that later!)

But yes... As most of my photos are on my other computer's hard drive I'm dealing with not to far in the past photos for now.... Sorry! *L*

Emma and Zoë November 2007

This photo was taken at Chelsey's new home... It was one of the first photo shoots that we did with Chelsey that was 'Professional'.... And it was awesome! My girls had their photos taken in their Christmas Dresses and then some relaxed photos in their normal clothing.

As well it showed everyone Chelsey's amazing talent with children!

I was very thankful that Chelsey was kind enough to take time out of her day to take such wonderful photos of my girls. Some of my favorite photos are from this shoot!

Thanks Chelsey for taking photos of my beautiful little girls!

And now you're Rice Photography!

Dayhome Opening!

Well today is the first day of Zoggie Dayhome!

Wish me luck!
I'll update later!