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Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Note...

We got home last night not as late as we usually do from Family Dinner on the other side of the city (so before midnight!)... Zoë was exhausted from a day of fun, no nap and a whole lot of food... Once we we got home Tyler took sleepy Zoë straight to our room by request of a sleepy sweet voice (Emma falls asleep in their shared room first while Zoë falls asleep in our room... She'll leave the cats alone better then Emma will! *L*)... She didn't even get a chance to brush her teeth since she wouldn't have anything to do with it! Poor thing....

Anyhoo... So as Daddy gets Zoë ready for bed he starts to get her pull-up's on.... Now here's the thing. We've gone all day in Underwear. ALL day! How exciting is that? Well when Daddy went to get pull-up's on for night time sleeping Zoë was quite insistent that she was going to wear Underwear! I believe she kept saying "Nooooo! Underwear!"... So what's a Daddy to do? He let her sleep.... In underwear.... In our bed.... On Daddy's side! *L*

And you know what happened? Tyler moved Zoë to her bed once we went to bed hours later... Didn't try to sit her on the toliet, just placed the heavliy alseep child into her bed and tucked her in.... Then he went to sleep. I had fallen alseep on the couch and I guess I had responded to Tyler saying that I would be right down... Yeah, I don't rememebr any of that! *L* SO when I did drag myself downstairs at 3:30-4am I asked if he had put Zoë on the toliet before she went to her bed... Nope! *L* I went and checked on her and she was sleeping so peacefully that I decided cleaning up a wet bed and child in the wee hours of the morning would be better then waking a sleeping child (Pheboe's Law!)... So I went to sleep.

5am I hear from somewhere in the darkness of my room, "Mommy, I have to pee!"... And off we go! Zoë actually woke up, came to my room to get me and got on the toliet before peeing! HA!

I'm so proud of her!

She then came to our bed to tell Daddy (who doesn't remember this conversation) and snuggled in for a few hours before I placed her back into her bed, wearing underwear, for a few hours before we needed to get up for our breakfast plans with the Missionaries.

It was a great start to the day!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Chaos has just begun!

This morning the Realtor called and informed us that there was a couple that would like to look at the house between 2:30-3:30pm.


Now as some of you may know, our Church time is from 1-4pm... Yes, you read it correctly.... 3 hours! *L* Every Sunday!

So when the Realtor called you would think we'd automatically be saying 'Heck yeah, Bring them on over.... Why not have lunch??!' (Okay... Well maybe we'd leave out the lunch part... Maybe...) but we didn't....

You see... The girls have slowly been catching the chest cold that I've had for two months now... And I hate every horrible sounding cough they produce in the middle of the night where they can no longer breath from the coughing attack....

This happened a lot last night. Two nights ago Zoë got a bit scared at the fact that she could no longer breath (honestly) and came to our bed for awhile... Last night was no different (except for when Emma rolled off her bed at 4am and smashed her nose into the wardrobe which has some hard edges... Poor thing! *L*)... So this morning we decided that I would stay home with Zoë while Tyler took Emma to Church... This way not every child in Nursery would get the horrible, dreaded chest cold that lasts forever....

And then my cell rang.


So, of course, we prepared for people to come to the house for the viewing. Tyler would go to Sacrament while I did stuff around the house with the girls... This includes making sure that every one's beds are made (bounce a quarter off of them good! *L*), every room is spotless as they can be, vacuumed (including kitchen, living room, etc), dusted.... The dishes from last night are washed... Bathrooms cleaned completely through once again (this happens every day now... It's tiring! *L*)... I do not feel good about myself until this routine is done before we leave the house... Every time. Also, the just mentioned must be done while not allowing the girls to tear what I've just cleaned to pieces.... I think that's my hardest chore of them all! *L*

Anyhoo.... Tyler showered this morning while the girls watched some kid-TV and I got the bedrooms cleaned and got myself dressed. Then Tyler ironed his shirt (because, as we should all know, I DO NOT iron! *L*) and such while I made the girls pancakes and waffles... And tore apart the bins that were under our kitchen table (some may remember that I mentioned I had taken our table away... I did. It's still in pieces in the storage room upstairs... This is the craft table from the back room... Um humm... Not my idea...). I couldn't stand the fact that Christmas decorations were hanging out of the bin into your walk space in the kitchen. The kitchen is small enough as it is... So Tyler comes upstairs and is a bit flustered at the fact that I have now made more work for myself! In a few more minuets I had everything packed up where it's supposed to be and the bins in the storage rooms ready to move! AND my kitchen looks more open! HA!

Back to my story.... I started to vacuum which I think was going to make Tyler lose his head from total confusion (why, WHY would you do this to yourself???!!) when he took over. I showered (YAY!)... I gave him instructions to vacuum the whole house, every corner you can think of!

After my shower I came out and there's Tyler, all dressed for Church sitting in one of our living room chairs.... Napping! *L* Poor guy! And to add to this he didn't vacuum everywhere that I had in mind. Although he 'swept really well' in the living room! Ha, Ha, Ha.... Yup.

Tyler left for Church shortly after this while the girls played hockey and golf in our living room (with a death threat if they break the TV! *L*)... I did my hair and make-up...

Oh yeah! I left out one of the best parts of my story... Right before I went into the shower (but after all that cleaning) I got a text message from the Realtor, "Showing cancelled.... :) lol"


Anyways.... Tyler went to Sacrament, I got myself and the girls ready... And somehow kept them busy enough that they didn't make the house look like a tornado had stopped by....

Now we're ready to head out to family dinner on the other side of the city... And I have some peace in knowing that the house looks 'show-ready' just in case someone want to view it while we're out.

And the chaos begins....

Friday, March 28, 2008

Zoë came tearing upstairs today after playing downstairs with Emma for hours and says "Mommy, I fell... Can you rock me???!"

My heart melted.

Then a few minuets later...

Emma: Mommy, Zoe took the lid off of the green stuff...

Mommy: Can you find it all? Is it in my carpet??

Emma: Well.... We can't find it all......

And what do I do next??

I laugh!

Oh goodness...

Came across....

a blog that has me thinking about things....

And I always enjoy something that makes me think... Unless it's 4am and I can barely make it downstairs to my bed! *L*

Anyways, I found this particular blog through my friend Ashley's friend...

Take a look at it and let me know what you think....

Go here!

OKAY... Since I'm on a kick of reading new blogs not on my list today... Check this one out... It goes along with the above one in a way... I found this blog through another friend-of-a-friend type situation... *L*

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sq Ft is what I have been living in for 5 years.

Yes, 678 sq.ft.

It was alright when it was just Tyler and myself.... Then is was okay when we had Emma... But once Zoë joined us it became tight. VERY tight.

Tyler always thought we were in the 700's for square footage.... I honestly didn't think so.

Then the stats came out on the house and I saw the numbers '678' or 63 m2.



I couldn't stand it and wrote the Realtor last night with the proper spelling of the College (see 'Driving me nuts!')... And this is what was waiting for me in my e-mail this morning:

"Thank You :) Will fix.
Any word on a KEY ?"

HA, HA, HA... Yes, I crammed in talking to you in the morning, driving to the other side of the city, dropped off my girls at their Great-Grandparents, picked up a water/sand play table for my girls on the north side. drop that off at my Mom's, drove home and had to wait in traffic for a car that was on fire to be taken away... Got home with just enough time to rush to get showered, shaved, hair and make-up done (all in 30 min's! This is amazing for me! *L*) and out the door to meet my Husband at his work by 4pm. Why did I meet him at his work? I didn't have a clue at the time.... But once into his vehicle we spent the rest of the evening furniture shopping (ideas) and going out to Fatburger which, by the way, is one of the best restaurants I've been too! Our evening was, sort of, a date! AWWWW! I'll take what I can get! Since I think our last 'date' was in November! Ha, Ha, Ha....

Off topic... Anyhoo, back on topic....Definably didn't get the key cut yesterday for him. As well, checked out the mls listing today and the spelling still isn't fixed! *LOL*


I better go now... Must get these kids fed and out the door to spend some time at Chelsey's so I can have the house ready for a showing tonight at 5:30pm... (While writing this the Realtor called to ask if I had a key for him yet -hadn't checked my response to his e-mail- and to inform me that another realtor would like to show the house tonight... 5:30-6:30pm... And that we have confirmed a showing for Saturday at 1pm (this bounced around from Saturday to Sunday at 10:30am -which was not going to happen as that's our 'mad rush' to get ready for Church- and back to Saturday at 1pm! *L*)....

Right. Best get changed before the realtor arrives to leave a key box on my door...

Driving me nuts!

Okay so it's driving me nuts... I have to show you the spelling error!

"Grant McQwen" is what the Realtor wrote in his first draft and then published on his final draft.....

The true spelling of this VERY well known, possibly about to take over the College world in Edmonton Colleges...

Grant MacEwan (named after "Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan, former lieutenant governor of Alberta, MLA for Alberta, Mayor of Calgary, author, historian, environmentalist, and educator") is growing so quickly! It's been around since 1971 but just in the last 5 years has it taken over downtown Edmonton (oh yeah, there's four Grant MacEwan's here! On every side of the city! We, of course, live by the 'Centre for the Arts and Communications' one.... Well... Yeah! *L*) with it's huge campus, living for student, work out space, etc...

Anyhoo.... I could go on for hours about how he probably should have noticed the HUGE signs on the College with their name on it... Or the billboards all over the city promoting registrations for next years and summer courses.... Or their ads on just about every radio station here...

Oh yeah! And it's ORANGE! I mean really, REALLY orange!

**I'd like to note that the orange building is not the downtown one.... This is!

Welcome to Grant MacEwan Downtown Campus!

Robbins Health Learning Centre

(Totally check out the link for the above...)

AND they have "A student residence nearby" (as stated in the article from above) that "are not dorms, but rather apartment-style one and two bedroom units with their own kitchen and bathroom areas"...

You have to, HAVE TO take the virtual tour!


RIGHT NOW! It's insane!

WHAT exactly is the defintation of 'Realtor'??!!

Well let me tell you!

One entry found.


Main Entry: Re·al·tor
Pronunciation: \ˈrē(-ə)l-tər, -ˌtȯr, ÷ˈrē-lə-tər also rē-ˈal-tər\
Function: collective mark

—used for a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors"

Thank you Merriam-Webster!

As you see know one really knows what the Realtors job is...... This must explaint eh trouble I've been having with ours.... Well, not really ours.... But my Husband's parents whom we've been renting our house from for... Humm... I've been here about 5 years and Tyler was here for a few years before that... So 7ish years. Yup.

I'm learning that I may have too high of expectations from Realtors, can you believe that??!! *L* I knew that today was the day this house (that we're currently living in) was to go on the market... So i get up this morning and check the Realtors page and there it is! Spelling errors and all! We're right arcross from one of Edmonton's most well known Colleges and he has spelled it wrong! GAH! Does he live here???!! Honestly.... So I give him a call... Chat it up with him about how I need ot get a key and how I need to be out of the house for at least an hour when there are viewings, etc.... And I forget to mention the spelling errors.... I did ask about the listing though and he assured me it would be out today he was just working on the spec's sheet.... Um humm... I gave him my work e-mail so that he could forward that right to me... Which, I'd like to say, he still hasn't done and it's now a new day! Blah. I could go on about our conversation but I'm saving it up for later on when I have no kids around me and can compeltly focus on ranting... Lucky you!

Anyways, I got home about 12:30am (oh yes!) and checked out the mls site, and there it is... The spec's of this house.... SPELLING ERRORS AND ALL! Ugh! So I sen the 'Realtor' and e-mail stating that the very well known College was spelled wrong and he may want to fix that as many young couples (he's aiming this sell at first time home buyers or someone rental imverstors) attend such College....

Does that make any sense?

This may not sound so bad right now but when I'm not so tired later on today I'll write more about my morning of phone calls back and forth with this awesome (ha, ha) Realtor..... And such.

Tired now, going to bed!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I was looking up images for 'Stress' to use for my Facebook picture when I came across this... Are you ready???!

Here is a very quick test to determine your stress level. Read the following description completely before looking at the picture.

The picture below was used in a case study on stress levels at St. Mary's Hospital. Look at both dolphins jumping out of the water. The dolphins are identical. A closely monitored, scientific study revealed that, in spite of the fact that the dolphins are identical, a person under stress would find differences between the two dolphins. The more differences a person finds between the dolphins, the more stress that person is experiencing.

Look at the photograph, and if you find more than one or two differences, you may want to take a vacation or at least get a massage.

Click here to see the picture before reading more.

How did you do? Do you need a vacation?! Apparently I do!
Hope you got a good laugh! On a serious note, laughter is a great way to reduce stress and boost immune function. Next time you're feeling overwhelmed, call a friend who makes you chuckle or head off for a comedy club. You'll feel better for it!

**This was kindly borrowed from here**

Music to my (poor, poor) Ears! *L*

The other day (the 20th) the girls made their own little band....

I'd like to thank my mother for constantly telling me how musical my children are... I totally believe it, and this only helps prove her point.... But REALLY! *L*

Oh! And it was really, really late at night! Daddy didn't seem as impressed as Mommy at the time... *LOL*

Sooooo cute! *giggle*

**Please pardon any mess you see in this video... It was taken in our office/spare room/ extra play room which is halfway packed up at the time. Hence the missing bed frame!**

Friday, March 21, 2008

Tubs! *L*

Okay.... So I was flipping through a book on design (since I will soon have something to actually design!!!!) and came across the above.... here's what the site says about it....
"Weighing in at nearly a full ton, this bath tub is carved from a single piece of marble. Made by Paris Ceramics, leaders in stone flooring design, it’s one of those products you just have to see to believe. It and other luxurious stone and marble tubs are designed to your specifications by the manufacturer."

Well what the heck else do people design???

So here is my journey about bath tubs.... Yes, bath tubs! *L*


WAIT! You HAVE TO check out this page! Honestly! And then let me know which one is your favorite/least favorite, etc!!! Well, go on now! http://www.trendir.com/archives/cat_bathtubs.html?start=15

The above photo comes from the mentioned web page.... This tub (above) is called the "Laguna Pearl Wooden Bathtub"...

As does this one below!
"Chic Bathtub from Ceramica Galassia"
If you keep clicking on 'Next 15 entries' you'll see many, MANY different types of tubs.... And please do!! I'd love to hear what you think about this site!!!
(Like this "Oceania Juliette airbath")
So from leather, marble, stone, wood..... You can pretty much have it all! WITH lights!! *L*
But this one is still one of my top favorites... When I saw it in 2006 I knew that one day I would have it.... One day.... *sigh*
The new Kohler Sok tub is an overflowing bath that will take your romancing experience far away from the ordinary. Imaging two of you submerging up to your shoulders in a slowly but continuously moving warm water... "as thousands of champagne-like bubbles emerge from thirteen ports, gently caressing for a soothing bathing experience". Sok isn't just an overflowing bath - it's also a bubbling bath (effervescent bath). Other exiting features include chromatherapy and the whirlpool system, seating areas to accommodate average-size man and woman, and it's over-sized to let two people enter simultaneously, and it's also very deep allowing bathers to "completely immerse themselves in the water". Create a continuous flow of water over the sides of the bathtub with the use of Laminar ceiling-mount bath filler. Sok is built of fiberglass and is easy to clean. The bathing area is 84" x 31-1/2" while the outside dimensions are 103-3/4" x 41". Shown is K-1166-C1-96 overflowing bath for two in Biscuit color.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy First Day of Spring Everyone!!!

(More later!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weighty Ghost....

I am in love with this song....
Have been since the first time I heard it....
No clue! *L*
But I still love it!
I've added the lyrics below just in case you'd like to take a read through them beforehand...

I got out of bed today, Swear to God I couldn’t see my face
I got out of bed today staring at a ghost
Who forgot to float away, didn’t have all that much to say
Wouldn’t even tell me his own name
Where’d my body go

Where oh where’d my body go?
Africa or Mexico?
Where or where’d my body go?
Where’d my body go?
Have you seen my ghost?S
taring at the ground?
Have you seen my ghost?
Sick of those goddamn clouds

Are you some kind of medicine man?
Cut the demons out of my head
You can’t kill something that’s already dead
Just leave my soul alone
I don’t need no surgery
Take those knives away from me
Just wanna die in my own body
A ghost just needs a home

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

So a few days ago I was telling Tyler that St. Patrick's Day would be on Monday.... And then I all of a sudden realized that I haven't actually celebrated this day since being married....

You see, the March before Emma was born I had my gallbladder removed... So this meant to alcohol back in my drinking day (which I had actually stopped ages before).... Then Emma was born and I got busy! *L* And then Zoë was added into the mix and the day got forgotten completely!

How rude is that??! *L*

So hear I am, at 4:12am, trying to decide what to do with my girls today.... Do they own anything green? Is it clean??! *L* I do have an Irish background, I suppose I should at least try to celebrate the day... right??!

Green milk? Does that make your teeth green for the day, 'cause I'd really hate that.... Yes, 'hate!'... And I don't think I have any green food coloring in the house... Humm... Guess we could make crafts..... Or.... Something...

Oh I know! I'll give Emma a green felt and teach her how to spell words that has to do with today.... Lets see... (Searched on some sites for 'word searches' on this topic for some help...

Makes sense:
St. Patrick's Day (or Saint, Patrick)
Clover (if I want to get really technical I could throw in 'four-leaf')

But do I really want to add:
Pot (Well.... Some people* I knew in College would have... Oh wait, umm... Guess that's not what they meant....)
Blarney (Can be kissed on any day, not just March 17th... And would 'stone' be it's own word?? It also raises some negative* feelings for me like 'pot'.... *L*)
Legend (Humm... May be alright...)
Monk (Umm...)
Pinch (I'm not sure that I'm ready to explain the 'rules' to the girls yet... Maybe next year when Zoë won't actually do this to Emma! *L*)
Slave (Okay.... So.... yeah...)

And then other's:
Flag ('Irish Flag'... Do I also write down each individual color??!! *L*)
Beer (Do I add in 'mug'??!)
Pipes (*LOL* Just like before.... Anyways, Leprechaun's are always smoking them....)
Cloud (Usually attached to the rainbow...)
Hat (Seen with a clover on it)
Harp (Ummm...)

And to top it all off:
Pot O' Gold (Written just like that! :P)

I think I've thought too much into this... Maybe a few hours sleep will help me choose which words to teach my children....

Or maybe we'll just see what kid shows are teaching about St. Patrick's Day....


Have a green day!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

How you may ask.....


1 for peeing and 2 for, well....other stuff! *L*

That's how I helped Zoë with toilet training!
Mini-Marshmallows are the way in our household!

Friday, March 14, 2008

From little girl to big girl....

All in a days work...

Today Zoë went the whole day wearing underwear!

And the best part??!

She chose to do so!



I'm SO proud of her! SO proud!

White stuff...

It's snowing.

The girls had just started getting really excited about seeing grass again... And then it snows!

Back to winter wear... Hats, Puffy jackets, Mitts... Etc.

Please, PLEASE let all of the snow come from the sky by the week before we move...


Thursday, March 13, 2008

More House!

Yesterday myself, Sarah and my girls drove out to Leduc for Kindergarten Orientation....before we went to our 6:30pm meeting we stopped in to look at the house... And take a photo of the outside in daylight as I had forgotten to do that last time! *L*
So I took this photo and didn't fully realize that we had a walk way, stairs and railing on our veranda until after we had checked the inside of the house out! *LOL*
Also, they put the door in between the master room and bathroom! HA! Unfortunatly I only had room for one photo on my phone... *sigh*
Today Tyler drove out to Leduc to met with our Banker (for the house) and took some other photos of the outside of the house for me (what a great guy he is!)...
Tyler's photos are much better quality! *L* So there's the walk way and such.
Nice photo!
We're so close to it being ready. When Sarah and I went inside yesterday they had my kitchen cabinets in place (and the upstairs bathroom vanity)... I wish I had more photos! Ugh.... And all of our lighting were in their boxes in the living room... Along with my range hood! Yay!
Anyhoo... I'll write more later... Must get food in the girls and pick up their new table and chair set! Yay!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm ecstatic!

Emma got into the Kindergarten that we REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLY wanted her to get into!

I called today to confirm that the Kindergarten Orientation meeting was still happening out in Leduc and that's when the Principle informed me that they had made a class for our area of Leduc....

PM Kindergarten here we come!!!!



Okay... Now to explain... The zoning for the new neighborhood that we're moving into had been rezoned for the 2007-08 school year.... Which meant that Emma was going to a school that we weren't....fond of. It's a great school... One of the top in Alberta... But it wasn't the right fit for Emma.

Awhile back we took tours of both schools... We started with the one that she's supposed to go to (an automatic in with busing) and then after lunch we checked out the other school.... And we loved it from the second that we walked in the front door! It was funny, both Tyler and I had the exact same feeling... 'This is the one!'

When the end of our tour came we were asked if we'd like to go home and think about placing her on the waiting list... Nope, we knew we wanted to do it then and we did!

And it paid off!


So Emma will be attending the school that we're all very excited about which has a more open, free, theatre feeling....


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not so 'Exciting!'....

So the guys made their way from all of the city to meet up at the woman's house at 11:30 this morning....

The looked at the bedroom set and then Tyler gave me 'The Call'....

The dresser is slightly...beat up in the corners of the drawers... The mirror that attaches to the dresser has no hardware (they have no idea where it is right now...), the headboard has no hardware to connect to a bed frame.....

It goes on....

I'm bummed.
The guys are now going home. I'm sorry to Mom who took the time to take the money out for me and made all the arrangements between the woman and us...I'm sorry to Andy who drove out there in his truck so we would be able to haul the bedroom set from one side of the city to the other... I'm sorry to Conor who took half a day off of work to help us out... And I'm sorry to my Hubby who worked nights last night, went out with the guys for a bit (PSP Vs. PS3! *L*), came home and got up early this morning (for his schedule) to so this for me...




I'm VERY excited.....

I've been avoiding this site that I used to check out daily.... Oh who am I kidding, hourly! *L* It's called 'Used Edmonton'.... A place where you can list stuff you no longer want and other do!

I used the site a lot after I found it not too long before Christmas... It amazes me what people are selling... Great condition, smoke-free homes, for cheap! How can you go wrong? My girls ended up with so much more this past Christmas with a great thanks to that site....

Anyways, as I said, I was avoiding the site since I kept finding things that I was falling in love with for our new home... And it was causing Tyler stress to think about 1) The money for the items that, yes, were good for our new place... 2) Where we would store all the stuff I was finding and such.... So I stopped going on it....

Until a few days ago.... Where I came across the most amazing bedroom suite for Emma! Honestly, it's great.... And at a silly price! I sent it to my Mom since she is someone I like to share my 'findings' with.... She liked it... A lot!

Things started rolling... I showed it to Tyler when he got home from his night shift and he agreed that he liked it but was concerned about where we would come up with the money.... Thankfully my super-awesome Mommy had mentioned to me beforehand that I could borrow the money and pay her back when I could (which for me would be during this summer off of the Weddings I do)... So I set it up! My Mommy kindly made the arrangements with the woman selling the beautiful bedroom set (I wrote the woman as well in my own inquiry but she never got back to me! *L* Hard to pass up a cash offer -by my Mom!- a day later)... Andy, Tyler and Conor (thank you, thank you, thank you!) will be meeting at the woman's home later today to pick up the items....

I'm excited not only because it's all worked out (so far) but because of the deal... It's crazy! I've found many beds (only the bed) that were great for the idea that I have for my girls' rooms... But they cost just as much as this set!

Are you ready for this??

"Chocolate brown bedroom suite for girls"

Included in sale:

Headboard, dresser, mirror, and one night stand.

It's only 6 months old from The Brick (amazing!!!!)....

Why is she getting rid of it? She bought it for her daughter and now they have another (adopted?) and need something that will accommodate both children....

I looked it up on The Brick's site and found it! Ha! Here it is!

4 Piece Carlsbad Full/Queen Panel Bedroom Set


Web Price*

Includes: Carlsbad Full/Queen Panel Headboard, Carlsbad 2-Drawer Night Table, Carlsbad 6-Drawer Dresser, Carlsbad Panel Mirror

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it's not a twin.... It's a double that can turn into a queen! GAH! My four year old will be sleeping on a double! *L*

What are we paying for it?

Well it's $75 cheaper then she was asking for (thank you Mommy!)...


Grand Total: $400!


Insane right??!! *L*

Yes, I'm excited!


Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Mommy...

Dear Mommy....

And Andy... And Grandma and Grandpa......


So... since everyone is recovering from their strain of cold and dinner won't be happening this weekend....

Please check out this blog "IT'S HERE!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!"



Finding Nemo again and again and again and...

My girls love 'Finding Nemo'...


Or Zoë does at least.... If you ever ask 'what movie would you like to watch?' you can count on Zoë replying with 'FINDING NEMO!!!!'....

And so in goes the DVD....

I personally love this move as well... The underlying message about believing in yourself and, for parents, letting go. As well as overcoming fear and finding the courage to take risks in life... It's an all-round good movie! *L*
Now I wouldn't dare let my littlest one do this to our new main floor bathroom:

Isn't that adorable? Mini-sized for kids! *L*

But I will allow them to have something like this for the bathroom!


Anyways.... Random thing I came across while searching the net for information on this movie:

I couldn't imagine the tears that would come if my girls saw this full photo!

So if you find yourself looking for something to watch tonight, tomorrow or even next week... Maybe you'll find yourself reaching for the beautifully done 'Finding Nemo'!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Too cute!

Alright, so my friend sent me this link (for my Husband but I thought it was adorable and just had to share it with all of you!)

So here it is Star Wars Fans....

Star Wars according to a 3 year old.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I think it's adorable... But that's just me! *wink*


I must stop searching their website....

3 Piece Noelle French Vanilla Living Room Package
Web Price*
Includes: Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Chair, Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Loveseat, Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Sofa
And while I'm at it I'll finish off my wish list... No specific order and probably many different styles of things... But it's fun to look at choices!

Mission Style Oak Finish TV Armoire
Web Price*
Includes: TV Armoire Base, TV Armoire Top

This would look GREAT in our bedroom... And we're looking for something like this... Small space item! (Beside the walk-in closet door... Some may know what I'm talking about... See below)

Beds that I like....
Not really sure why... Just.... Nice.. AND it's metal!

Simple and sweet! And metal!

Not 100% sure about this one... But there is something about it...

WAIIIIIIIT some more....

Okay... One last.. One!

This is a 2 Piece Cindy Crawford Sectional...

2 Piece Cindy Sectional
(The above)

Cindy RAF Loveseat62 (W) X 57 (D) X 35 (H) inches

3 Piece Cindy Sectional
For a $100 more you get a 3 Piece one... Not sure if it would fit...
Cute... VERY cute...

Wait.... Waaaaaaiiiiiiiiit....


competion for the living room set in my last post....

It's SO pretty! And red! And... Pretty!

(It also comes in blue... Maybe I could get Tyler to like that one.. Humm..)

Here's the break down on prices for the above set:

Esprit Red Sofa84 (W) X 35 (D) X 32 (H) inches

Esprit Red Loveseat63 (W) X 35 (D) X 32 (H) inches

Esprit Red Chair41 (W) X 35 (D) X 32 (H) inches


Esprit Blue Sofa84 (W) X 35 (D) X 32 (H) inches

$299.97) <- For Tyler

Grand Total for the red set: $819.91 before gst.

Humm... But wait! There's a few other choices!


Chocolate Microsuede Sofa... There's also an option for a Hazelnut Sofa but not everything else...

It's also under The Bricks 'Small Space' area...


Chocolate Microsuede Sofa84 (W) X 37 (D) X 37 (H) inches

Chocolate Microsuede Loveseat64 (W) X 37 (D) X 37 (H) inches

Chocolate Microsude Chair45 (W) X 37 (D) X 37 (H) inches


Hazelnut Microsuede Sofa84 (W) X 37 (D) X 37 (H) inches


Exclusive Item)

Total for the Chocolate set: $833.95


Who knows.... I'll keep you posted! *L*

THE living room set...

So I found the living room set that I'd like to buy... Now I just need to find the money to buy it with!

Aren't they pretty? And for THAT price??!!

Oh yes.... here's hoping!

Why are they ALWAYS SOOOOO happy?

Please see below:

I just don't understand why these people are SO happy to be packing... Ugh! Have they all hired people to pack for them and only posed for these photos??! *L*
I enjoy the vision of my family and I chilling in our new home... With boxes surrounding us.... For months! Maybe years! :P
But I completely despise packing.... At first I thought I would enjoy the overwhelming job of packing up our whole household mostly on my own....
I don't.
I'm tired and sick... The pain in my neck hasn't gone away yet... The medicine the Doctor prescribed is to make me lightheaded (yippee!) and says on the label 'Don't lie down for 30 minuets after taking this medicine'... Umm... Why??? Will I not wake up? AHHH! I'm supposed to take them 3 times a day! Ugh!
Anyways... Tyler was kind enough to let me sleep as long as I could... Which ended up being right before 1pm! And the only reason I woke up was because Emma came downstairs and asked for some food... *L* My sinuses are plugged, my neck is aching, I still have this silly hack-up-a-lung cough that won't go away....
And I have to pack! Most of it by tomorrow 10am (someone help that man if he shows up a minuet before 10am!) so the house we're in (thankfully for years with no raising rent!) can be appraised.
So back to the Tyler thing... When I woke up he was trying to wash his way out of the pile that had taken over our kitchen.... And then he moved into packing up the spare room (AKA: Emma's room right now).... Not 100% sure why he moved onto that task... The dishes still aren't complete... But I started into them... Anyways...
I'm ranting... I know.. Sorry... Guess I'm just avoiding all the work ahead of me tonight...
Back to my rant *L*...
So I've decided that I need something that resembles this:
This MIGHT fit everything we own.... Maybe...
And if only my packing looked like this:
Could you imagine? All organized and right by the front door for easy access on the moving day... They must not have kids! *L*
Apparently you can buy a 'kit'.... I think... I found this online somewhere...
that's not nearly enough boxes anyways.... *wink*
Well... Off I go to pack with my kids unpacking everything I just packed... I'm soooooo excited! *L*
(Tyler is on nights, which is even more fun! *LOL*)