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Monday, December 29, 2008

Quiet time....

Just a quick one right now:

I have two sleeping beauties right now... And am so very thankful for that. After a very hectic month, birthday's, parties, Christmas gatherings, late nights, many turkey dinners and family staying with us at our new home my girls finally broke down.

Emma threw a tantrum that would have sent everyone into shock.

Zoë snuck into our room and ate the chocolate I had been saving.
I know this all happened because my girls are exhausted... Just like their Mommy and Daddy.... But let me tell you! *L*

I'm just happy it happened after our guests had left!

But they are asleep now.... the house is silent. It's snowing lightly outside and my home is warm. I've been reading my new book from Tyler ("Multiple Bles8ings" by the Gosselings) and am quite enjoying this silent time to myself.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (will write a HUGE blog about this another time) and just in case, an amazing New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


First off I'd like to wish every single one of you out there a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

These past few weeks (well... All of December really) have been insane for us... Just as it is every December. This year though I found myself *gasp!* too tired to blog! In fact many nights Zoë would crawl into my bed to sleep beside me while Tyler was on his night shift. She'd fall asleep to whatever kid program I could find on TV (unless Daddy made it home first to tuck her back into her bed) while I would pass out before the remote hit the bed!
So to say the least, I'm a bit exhausted... And all my blogging plans haven't come try for December.

In the end though that just means I'll have to do a wonderful, amazingly long blog to 'catch up' in the New Year! Geee! :D

On another note: this is my 200th blog! Oh yes! Slowly but surely I've written 200 blogs (with some in waiting!).... I wanted to celebrate my 100th blog but totally missed it... So for my 200th I'd like to do a mini giveaway.... What I be giving away? Excellent question! *L*

If any of you out there know of someone who is looking to giveaway something in a giveaway and would like someone else to do all the 'dirty work'... Send them my way! ;) I'm not quite sure how to go about this....

Otherwise you will get some form of wonderful gift from me....

I promise to give more details in the New Year...As for now please bask in the glory of my blogs *L* and know that I've made it to 200 on Christmas Day! (I'm thrilled!)

As well... if any of you have a favorite blog of mine, please let me know! I'd love to 'showcase' them again just for you!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and, just in case, an even better New Year!

The 'Zog' Family!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Christmas Stuff and Emma's Room

Late, late last night I was still decorating... And after rearranging my front room in every possible way (and ending up with it exactly how it was.... Honestly, it's the best design for the room!) I decided to decorate the girls doors a bit... Just slightly so they could get just a little bit more excited for Christmas!
Then this morning after my kids had breakfast and were playing nicely with our Dayhome child I decided I would put away Emma's gifts from her Birthday Party.... Well this lead to me organizing her room a bit... *L* I'll explain the changes after the photos in case you don't notice them...
Now her dresser is here (instead of in the closet)...
This tall blue dresser used to be where the dresser is now... I like it angled...
And her desk (used to be where the tall blue dresser is now) is in her closet. This actually freed up more room in the closet as the desk is shorter and can be pressed right to the side wall (no drawers to hit the closet doors)...
What actually started my re-organizing was that lovely pink and purple hanging organizer in the closet (who gave this for her Birthday? I totally missed her opening it, sorry! It's lovely though!)... So I really re-organized her whole room just to fit that in the closet! *LOL*
But I think it looks wonderful!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quick Holiday Post

Tonight I decided (after going shopping with the girls when Emma got out of school today, and buying many breakable decorations...) that the little tree we have in our kitchen would be for the girls. They could decorate it any way they'd like.... It's all theirs!

And the big tree in the living room is all Mommy's! *LOL*

When I asked the girls how they felt about this.... Well they were all over having a tree to themselves! *L*

Here's some photos of the girls decorating their tree. I pulled out all the 'old' decorations that have been passed down for generations and let them take turns adding to it one-by-one.

They did such an awesome job! And I'm totally in love with the photo of Zoë and her hands... (#3). Every time she placed and item on the tree she'd hold her hands as if she was praying... Adorable! *L* As well... I didn't realize just how far up Emma could reach until she decided to place one of her bows near the very top! She did it all on her own!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Flashback AND Happy Birthday Emma!

Today at 10:50am will officially be Emma's 5th year on Earth! And how lucky we are to have her!
Emma celebrating her 1st Birthday (she had her very own cup cake!)
Blowing out her candle! (cake for the adults!)
Kisses for Kitty (which she still sleeps with every night! Thanks Auntie Sarah & Uncle Conor!)
Emma getting ready for her first day of school... Silly girl!
I'm so very excited for Emma to be 5... What a wonderful year it should be!
Her Birthday Party is Saturday, I'll post photos as soon as I get back on the computer!
Happy Birthday Emma!
We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!
Mommy, Daddy and Zoë

Thursday, December 11, 2008


*Tyler is on nights!

Pack Emma's backpack and snack bag for school
10am: Emma's Doctor's appointment in the 'old city' (about a 45 min drive)
11am: Lunch and Shopping at Ikea with Emma in the 'old city'
12:00/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school (Remember $ for Bake Sale!)
Prep for the girls to make invites at Activity Days
Make dinner while the girls have 'Quiet Time'
Pack up dinner (Yum KD!), snacks, toys, etc. to preoccupy my girls while I'm helping with Activity Days
7pm-8:30pm: Activity Days at Church (20min's away); Pick up Stuffing supplies for Ward Christmas Party

Dayhome child 8-5pm
Book girls' eye appointments for January
Call regarding Party Room for Emma's Birthday Party (Make sure it's still booked!)
Safeway to order Cupcake Cake for Emma's Party Saturday
12:00/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school with kids in tow
Wal-Mart: Groceries (very much in need!), veggies for Ward Christmas Party Friday, Goodies to decorate Gingerbread Houses (Emma's class Friday)
Buy things for Party Favors, etc.
6:15pm: The CPR Christmas Train will be here! Taking the girls for the first time!
7pm: Be at Church to help decorate for the Ward Christmas Party
Make Rice Krispie Squares for Emma's "Class Party" as she's 5 ON that day!!! :D

Figure out why the camera won't work.. And fix it!

SWIM SUITS!!! I must find our swim suits!

Dayhome Child 8-5pm
Make squares/cookies for Ward Christmas Party
12:00pm/2:30pm (leave times): Emma to and from school with kids in tow (Don't forget the Rice Krispie Squares!!!)
Make Stuffing for Ward Christmas Party
Make Veggies for Ward Christmas Party
Prep for Emma's Birthday Party Saturday
6pm: Ward Christmas Party! Stuffing must be there by 6pm! *L*

Emma's 5th Birthday Party!
10:30am: Pick-Up Cake
11:00am: Arrive early to set-up Party Room (if they'll let us) and meet everyone in the lobby.
Take head count of everyone to pay for their swimming pass
11:30am-12:30pm: Party Room Booked
12:30pm: Swimming! (Pretty Penny! *L*)


8pm: Sarah's Birthday Dinner at a wonderful Greek Restaurant in the 'old city'.... (Belly Dancing here we come! Loud, Loud music!)

*Must remember ear plugs for the girls!

11am-1pm: Church
2:30pm: Family Dinner in the 'old city'
(I hear it's supposed to get down to -31!! Yay! :P)

How I wish I could sleep in! *LOL*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So I have worked very, VERY hard at making sure Emma is not late for school. Very hard.

I've had her eating ("more") lunch as we're buckled in the van just to get her there on time.

I've created a routine with her that gets us up, fed, ready for school, then play time...

But this week has nearly killed us... And it's only Tuesday!

Today got the better of us... I had her in the van at 12:13pm (class starts at 12:15pm)... If we had just driven away then she may have been considered 'not late' as the attendance would not have been done then.

Instead I had to scrape our van windows (I'm short... I always find this a challenge! *L*), make sure my wipers were done being frozen together, drive behind a huge truck hauling two beds of dirt who decided to pull over at the stop sign and then turn on his blinkers after a bit (I honestly thought he was going to turn right, just like us!)... Wait for the never ending long light and then head to Emma's school.

And because I'm one of those parents that refuses to park in the marked off 'yellow' area (Means "DO NOT PARK HERE!") as I have the wrose luck and that's when the Bylaw Officers would come! *L* I had to park across the road and run carrying Emma to class.


I sent her to class with no socks on (they got stuck in her boots and I refused to let her put them on in the doorway in hopes that she would get to class before attendance was done). I then noted that another Mom was getting a late slip for her child in Emma's class.... So I did the same. As soon as I stepped out of the Office there was Emma with another child from her class (who was holding the dreaded attendance book)... I guess Mrs. Kerr had sent Emma with her to get a late slip.


Hopefully tonight goes much better! *L*

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look Ma! I can make things!

Yes, everyone... Please remember to breathe after that huge gasp you just took! ;)
So quickly, here's a few things I've taken to making... Sorry for the crappy photo quality... I was lucky enough to have been able to pull Emma away from playing with our new Dayhome Child to even get these shots! *L*

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Flashback Friday

Tyler an I were married on July 12, 2003.... It was wonderful for the most part. At least we ended up married in the end! *L*

My Bridal Shower. Thank you Sarah and Heather for being such great sports!

Thank you to Heidi for doing my hair and make-up!

We're married!!

In the background is almost every theatre person we graduated with! *L* AND our instructors!

It was a very hot (really hot) day and I'm thankful to have made it out alive! *LOL*

We're very grateful to those friends of ours from school that helped out (Sarah, Heather and Heidi we're from our grad class to name a few).

Sorry about the quick one today... Next week is Emma's Birthday so I'll so my best to remember to give you a good one!! :D

Thursday, December 4, 2008

No. No, No.... (sighed) Yes.

It's snowing.

Didn't snow all day.


Espcially since I drive Emma to and from school in the span of just under 3 hours.

But tonight we're driving into the city for dinner with friends....

Friends that actually bought our old house! *L*

And I was really, really hoping that the weather would stay somewhat non-snowing for the drive in and out.

Can you tell I'm in a funk?

Ugh. Stupid yesterday's realization.
More later!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank You!

This blog is a quick one...

I'd like to thank my Hubby for doing something that I didn't expect him to do...

He took the garbage out!
Not only did he do this, he also gathered all the garbage's beforehand & tossed them into a bag without a single question towards me.

Me who was asleep at 1:30am.
Why was he doing this at 1:30am? Well this morning is our garbage day and if we miss it we're screwed until next week. And there's a 'garbage law' here that states we're only allowed between 3-4 bags a week on our curb.

Um hummm...
So my wonderful Husband noticed that I had fallen into a deep sleep and without asking me a single thing, took the initiative to do the whole garbage thing on his own!

Yes, I would like to thank him!

Thanks Hon, you rock!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snow, Snow, Snow Angels.

Quick thing...

We were late getting Emma to school as it started to randomly really snow today. After brushing off the van I had all the kids get their jackets, boots, mitts, hats, etc. on while the van warmed up....

And then we started to drive.

This is a whole other blog, believe me... But back to my main story.

By the time we got to Emma's school all the parents were leaving (which means all of her afternoon class had already headed in! Ack!)... I'm quite proud of the fact that we have no (yes, NO) lates so far! Bah! Or missed days! None!

Anyhoo.... I tell the kids to double time it to the front doors (as there's no parking in front of the doors so I had to park even further away!) while I'm carrying the dayhome child.... I turn for a second to look behind me and by the time I look ahead again Zoë is on the ground in the middle of the crosswalk making a snow angel!



Yeah... Emma was the last one that I saw heading down to her class... Gosh I hope she doesn't get a late. We've worked soooo hard! I'm sure kids were still putting their stuff into their lockers when she walked in.... *fingers crossed*

I did realize about an hour and a half (enough time to clean and make fudge brownies) later that we forgot to take her library book with her to school. Today is her only library day of the week....


Not sure what happens with this... Is she banned from taking a book out this week? I'm taking it with us to pick her up... Can she get a new one then? Oh dear, I may have a very heartbroken little girl on my hands.....

Off we go to see what drama may have happened today... I'll keep you posted!