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Friday, March 7, 2008

Finding Nemo again and again and again and...

My girls love 'Finding Nemo'...


Or Zoë does at least.... If you ever ask 'what movie would you like to watch?' you can count on Zoë replying with 'FINDING NEMO!!!!'....

And so in goes the DVD....

I personally love this move as well... The underlying message about believing in yourself and, for parents, letting go. As well as overcoming fear and finding the courage to take risks in life... It's an all-round good movie! *L*
Now I wouldn't dare let my littlest one do this to our new main floor bathroom:

Isn't that adorable? Mini-sized for kids! *L*

But I will allow them to have something like this for the bathroom!


Anyways.... Random thing I came across while searching the net for information on this movie:

I couldn't imagine the tears that would come if my girls saw this full photo!

So if you find yourself looking for something to watch tonight, tomorrow or even next week... Maybe you'll find yourself reaching for the beautifully done 'Finding Nemo'!

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