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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sq Ft is what I have been living in for 5 years.

Yes, 678 sq.ft.

It was alright when it was just Tyler and myself.... Then is was okay when we had Emma... But once Zoë joined us it became tight. VERY tight.

Tyler always thought we were in the 700's for square footage.... I honestly didn't think so.

Then the stats came out on the house and I saw the numbers '678' or 63 m2.



I couldn't stand it and wrote the Realtor last night with the proper spelling of the College (see 'Driving me nuts!')... And this is what was waiting for me in my e-mail this morning:

"Thank You :) Will fix.
Any word on a KEY ?"

HA, HA, HA... Yes, I crammed in talking to you in the morning, driving to the other side of the city, dropped off my girls at their Great-Grandparents, picked up a water/sand play table for my girls on the north side. drop that off at my Mom's, drove home and had to wait in traffic for a car that was on fire to be taken away... Got home with just enough time to rush to get showered, shaved, hair and make-up done (all in 30 min's! This is amazing for me! *L*) and out the door to meet my Husband at his work by 4pm. Why did I meet him at his work? I didn't have a clue at the time.... But once into his vehicle we spent the rest of the evening furniture shopping (ideas) and going out to Fatburger which, by the way, is one of the best restaurants I've been too! Our evening was, sort of, a date! AWWWW! I'll take what I can get! Since I think our last 'date' was in November! Ha, Ha, Ha....

Off topic... Anyhoo, back on topic....Definably didn't get the key cut yesterday for him. As well, checked out the mls listing today and the spelling still isn't fixed! *LOL*


I better go now... Must get these kids fed and out the door to spend some time at Chelsey's so I can have the house ready for a showing tonight at 5:30pm... (While writing this the Realtor called to ask if I had a key for him yet -hadn't checked my response to his e-mail- and to inform me that another realtor would like to show the house tonight... 5:30-6:30pm... And that we have confirmed a showing for Saturday at 1pm (this bounced around from Saturday to Sunday at 10:30am -which was not going to happen as that's our 'mad rush' to get ready for Church- and back to Saturday at 1pm! *L*)....

Right. Best get changed before the realtor arrives to leave a key box on my door...


Sarah said...

Okay, Fatburger is sooooo good. It's such a terrible name!! haha.

Your realtor amuses me. Must remember not to use him if we ever need to buy or sell a house...ugh.

Yay for furniture idea shopping! heh....Conor and I were in South Common last night too...shopping. We were at Home Depot, then Wal-mart!!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Your realator sounds like a nightmare from all the previous posts. What kind of businessperson wouldn't take enough care to spell things correctly in his listing???? Weirdo.

That's very cute that you guys had a little date type thing. 2 kids and a big move to a new house...definitely take what you can get right now! Hopefully once you're settled there will be more time for mommy and daddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey, i found your house on the mls listings!

ZogLady said...

Ha, Ha, Ha... Did you?!

MLS®: E3135468 for any of those who would liek to check it out...

ZogLady said...

OOOOOOOOHHHHH! He changed the spelling of Grant MacEwan today! Yay!