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Thursday, March 13, 2008

More House!

Yesterday myself, Sarah and my girls drove out to Leduc for Kindergarten Orientation....before we went to our 6:30pm meeting we stopped in to look at the house... And take a photo of the outside in daylight as I had forgotten to do that last time! *L*
So I took this photo and didn't fully realize that we had a walk way, stairs and railing on our veranda until after we had checked the inside of the house out! *LOL*
Also, they put the door in between the master room and bathroom! HA! Unfortunatly I only had room for one photo on my phone... *sigh*
Today Tyler drove out to Leduc to met with our Banker (for the house) and took some other photos of the outside of the house for me (what a great guy he is!)...
Tyler's photos are much better quality! *L* So there's the walk way and such.
Nice photo!
We're so close to it being ready. When Sarah and I went inside yesterday they had my kitchen cabinets in place (and the upstairs bathroom vanity)... I wish I had more photos! Ugh.... And all of our lighting were in their boxes in the living room... Along with my range hood! Yay!
Anyhoo... I'll write more later... Must get food in the girls and pick up their new table and chair set! Yay!

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