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Thursday, March 6, 2008


I must stop searching their website....

3 Piece Noelle French Vanilla Living Room Package
Web Price*
Includes: Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Chair, Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Loveseat, Noelle French Vanilla Microsuede Sofa
And while I'm at it I'll finish off my wish list... No specific order and probably many different styles of things... But it's fun to look at choices!

Mission Style Oak Finish TV Armoire
Web Price*
Includes: TV Armoire Base, TV Armoire Top

This would look GREAT in our bedroom... And we're looking for something like this... Small space item! (Beside the walk-in closet door... Some may know what I'm talking about... See below)

Beds that I like....
Not really sure why... Just.... Nice.. AND it's metal!

Simple and sweet! And metal!

Not 100% sure about this one... But there is something about it...


Sarah said...

I reeeeally like the first bed! Sooo purty!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Ya I agree with Sarah, I like the top one the best too.