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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Chaos has just begun!

This morning the Realtor called and informed us that there was a couple that would like to look at the house between 2:30-3:30pm.


Now as some of you may know, our Church time is from 1-4pm... Yes, you read it correctly.... 3 hours! *L* Every Sunday!

So when the Realtor called you would think we'd automatically be saying 'Heck yeah, Bring them on over.... Why not have lunch??!' (Okay... Well maybe we'd leave out the lunch part... Maybe...) but we didn't....

You see... The girls have slowly been catching the chest cold that I've had for two months now... And I hate every horrible sounding cough they produce in the middle of the night where they can no longer breath from the coughing attack....

This happened a lot last night. Two nights ago Zoë got a bit scared at the fact that she could no longer breath (honestly) and came to our bed for awhile... Last night was no different (except for when Emma rolled off her bed at 4am and smashed her nose into the wardrobe which has some hard edges... Poor thing! *L*)... So this morning we decided that I would stay home with Zoë while Tyler took Emma to Church... This way not every child in Nursery would get the horrible, dreaded chest cold that lasts forever....

And then my cell rang.


So, of course, we prepared for people to come to the house for the viewing. Tyler would go to Sacrament while I did stuff around the house with the girls... This includes making sure that every one's beds are made (bounce a quarter off of them good! *L*), every room is spotless as they can be, vacuumed (including kitchen, living room, etc), dusted.... The dishes from last night are washed... Bathrooms cleaned completely through once again (this happens every day now... It's tiring! *L*)... I do not feel good about myself until this routine is done before we leave the house... Every time. Also, the just mentioned must be done while not allowing the girls to tear what I've just cleaned to pieces.... I think that's my hardest chore of them all! *L*

Anyhoo.... Tyler showered this morning while the girls watched some kid-TV and I got the bedrooms cleaned and got myself dressed. Then Tyler ironed his shirt (because, as we should all know, I DO NOT iron! *L*) and such while I made the girls pancakes and waffles... And tore apart the bins that were under our kitchen table (some may remember that I mentioned I had taken our table away... I did. It's still in pieces in the storage room upstairs... This is the craft table from the back room... Um humm... Not my idea...). I couldn't stand the fact that Christmas decorations were hanging out of the bin into your walk space in the kitchen. The kitchen is small enough as it is... So Tyler comes upstairs and is a bit flustered at the fact that I have now made more work for myself! In a few more minuets I had everything packed up where it's supposed to be and the bins in the storage rooms ready to move! AND my kitchen looks more open! HA!

Back to my story.... I started to vacuum which I think was going to make Tyler lose his head from total confusion (why, WHY would you do this to yourself???!!) when he took over. I showered (YAY!)... I gave him instructions to vacuum the whole house, every corner you can think of!

After my shower I came out and there's Tyler, all dressed for Church sitting in one of our living room chairs.... Napping! *L* Poor guy! And to add to this he didn't vacuum everywhere that I had in mind. Although he 'swept really well' in the living room! Ha, Ha, Ha.... Yup.

Tyler left for Church shortly after this while the girls played hockey and golf in our living room (with a death threat if they break the TV! *L*)... I did my hair and make-up...

Oh yeah! I left out one of the best parts of my story... Right before I went into the shower (but after all that cleaning) I got a text message from the Realtor, "Showing cancelled.... :) lol"


Anyways.... Tyler went to Sacrament, I got myself and the girls ready... And somehow kept them busy enough that they didn't make the house look like a tornado had stopped by....

Now we're ready to head out to family dinner on the other side of the city... And I have some peace in knowing that the house looks 'show-ready' just in case someone want to view it while we're out.

And the chaos begins....


Anonymous said...

ohhhh... mista... that sounds like a very irritating realtor... i send you happy thoughts! new house in less than three weeks!

Sarah said...

Ditto to Heather's comment! New house in 3 weeks!!!! :-D

Jesslikesstuff said...

Oh my goodness! What a day! Keep up the good work!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh, of course... I remember it all too well. I hated trying to keep my home in a virtual Martha Stewart mode for days on end. You put it aptly... UGH!

Good luck and hope you dont have to show it too many times before getting a perfect offer.

How is the market in Canada? We are all right as we are a suburb of NYC, so still safe. Flat in the market, but safe. At least we havent lost a fortune.