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Monday, August 29, 2011


I should be on a plane right now....

I should be making my way to Greece (already transferred at Montreal and on the long flight to Athens)...

I should be partying it up with these wonderful folks:

~En route to Athens!~

But instead I'm writing my 'mope' moment for all you poor souls to read while I plan out the school year and get the paperwork ready for the AGM Meeting on the 13th as well as trying to figure out the girls extracurricular activity schedule without riping my hair out (and still having money to feed, clothe and drive them places! *L*)....

I do hope that everyone has enjoyed their summers though, we sure did! Eventually I'll get around to blogging about it all... Maybe I'll have to take a day a week only for blogging (Ha! Two kids in full time school, yay!)....

More soon-ish!