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Sunday, April 26, 2009

This (past) weekend...

So Friday Tyler and Conor left for their surprise weekend getaway to....

How cool is that??! Tyler walked in last Friday and announced that he had been laid off, to which I announced I had this trip already booked for him and that he must go! *L*

So he did! But before that he bought his brand new laptop (thank you severance pay and taxes!) which was part of our prep for him to leave for months at a time anyways....

Last night the girls and I were able to Skype with him! Yay!

This past Friday I received a phone call from our builder informing me that they'll be here 9am Wednesday to fix our basement wall (build a frame and insulate it for the sound proofing).... Then he told me that they need at least 8ft to work in from the wall out... HA, HA, HA... Oh goodness! Our garage isn't built yet so our basement is storage. And because I run the Dayhome the back half of our basement is floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall boxes and our desk area set-up against said wall with boxes all over it.


So I made the decision not to tell Tyler so he could enjoy his last weekend away before heading to the camps for months on end.....

My plan? To work my butt off this weekend going through every single box down there and clearing it all out. Why not?

What happened?

Emma missed Thursday and Friday of school because of a fever and illness. Then Zoë woke up Saturday ill with the exact same thing. Last night I was up with Zoë until 3am.


So here I am today rushing around to go through all the boxes and somehow figure out how I'm to lug all of our furniture and such (there's absolutely no way I can move our entertainment center -the TV alone I can't move!- in case Tyler is in the field up north starting Tuesday morning).....

As of right now I know the guys are having a blast in Calgary! Yay! Exactly what I wanted for Tyler... A weekend of no stress! He so, so deserves this.

Anyhoo.... I have two little girls watching The Backyardigans on my bed while I'm in the basement in boxville. I'll take photos!

I suppose I should get back at it... *sigh*


While speaking with the builder he said that Tyler had asked for a couple of days notice for this... Cool..... When I said that he wouldn't be here to help he said 'Well at least you have the weekend! That'll help!'....


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uplifting Sadness....

Friday, April 17th Tyler was laid off of work.

This has consumed my life... I have a two day reaction time to most things in my life (pain, tiredness, etc.) and this seems to be kicking in now. We were ready though in the way of having a 'next step' planned.

He will place his name to be sent to the field.

Not horrible but who knows what schedule he may have. And he will have to live there while working.

Which means harder times at home (my girls have been testing a lot lately with me.... Emma especially)....

I know this has happened for a reason. The field was in our five year plan anyways... It's just come a little sooner then we had hoped.

In other news:

Saturday, April 18th was officially our One Year mark in our home! We spent it rushing to get all of our items out of storage so we don't have to worry about that extra $300 payment every month.

Funny... One Year here and Tyler pulls up in a U-Haul to unload boxes that now clutter my house! *L* It's just like a year ago except better weather (thank goodness!)... I'm sure we're the talk of the hood right now! *L*

Anyhoo.... I just wanted to give you a bit of an update. I may have to extend my blogging pause for a little bit longer then I had hoped so I can spend more time with my family as a complete 'family' for the next few weeks......
And then I'll need to write a lot when Tyler is away from home while I'm going crazy with the girls!
More soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Suck.

I'm so sorry.
I must apologize to all my fellow bloggers... And my followers....

I have not been keeping up on my blog very well....

Let me give you a very quick update for now....

*The Spring Dance and Silent Auction went extremely well!

*Easter was good.

*It was nice to have Tyler home for three straight days where he was able to sleep for as long as he wanted...

*We were able to squeeze in some 'family time' (between sleep schedule's of course! *L*) for swimming, dinner out and then a movie! It was awesome!

*My Dayhome has slowed right down..... right down.

*Tyler's work sucks...... *ahem* Anyways....

*It's Alberta, last night it began to snow AND rain.... It's a bit of a weird blizzard to deal with. Things are melting yet you can't see in front of you.....

*This Summer I'm turning 26... This seems to be more of a milestone Birthday for me then my 25th.... Humm.. Decisions are being made!

*I had a kick-butt time in Vegas.... I've been working on my blog about this, don't you worry!! :D

*Sister Buck and her twin we're able to come up this Easter Weekend (we appreciate the 16 hour drive you did to get here!).... It was lovely to see Sister Buck again and to meet her Sister!

*I have the need to travel.... If only I had the funds!

I could go on and on but I bets pay some attention to my youngest while Emma's at school and my Dayhome boy is asleep (not scheduled to be here until next Friday but hey, they needed care and I like extra cash! *L*)....

More soon, I promise!