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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm ecstatic!

Emma got into the Kindergarten that we REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLLY wanted her to get into!

I called today to confirm that the Kindergarten Orientation meeting was still happening out in Leduc and that's when the Principle informed me that they had made a class for our area of Leduc....

PM Kindergarten here we come!!!!



Okay... Now to explain... The zoning for the new neighborhood that we're moving into had been rezoned for the 2007-08 school year.... Which meant that Emma was going to a school that we weren't....fond of. It's a great school... One of the top in Alberta... But it wasn't the right fit for Emma.

Awhile back we took tours of both schools... We started with the one that she's supposed to go to (an automatic in with busing) and then after lunch we checked out the other school.... And we loved it from the second that we walked in the front door! It was funny, both Tyler and I had the exact same feeling... 'This is the one!'

When the end of our tour came we were asked if we'd like to go home and think about placing her on the waiting list... Nope, we knew we wanted to do it then and we did!

And it paid off!


So Emma will be attending the school that we're all very excited about which has a more open, free, theatre feeling....



Anonymous said...

huzzah! that's awesome. i'm really happy for you guys.

Sarah said...

Man, I can't believe Emma is going into School!!! AHHH!....anyone else feeling old???

Jesslikesstuff said...

Cool! I didn't know so much went in to choosing a kindergarden!!! :)I'm glad she got in to your top choice!