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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Driving me nuts!

Okay so it's driving me nuts... I have to show you the spelling error!

"Grant McQwen" is what the Realtor wrote in his first draft and then published on his final draft.....

The true spelling of this VERY well known, possibly about to take over the College world in Edmonton Colleges...

Grant MacEwan (named after "Dr. J.W. Grant MacEwan, former lieutenant governor of Alberta, MLA for Alberta, Mayor of Calgary, author, historian, environmentalist, and educator") is growing so quickly! It's been around since 1971 but just in the last 5 years has it taken over downtown Edmonton (oh yeah, there's four Grant MacEwan's here! On every side of the city! We, of course, live by the 'Centre for the Arts and Communications' one.... Well... Yeah! *L*) with it's huge campus, living for student, work out space, etc...

Anyhoo.... I could go on for hours about how he probably should have noticed the HUGE signs on the College with their name on it... Or the billboards all over the city promoting registrations for next years and summer courses.... Or their ads on just about every radio station here...

Oh yeah! And it's ORANGE! I mean really, REALLY orange!

**I'd like to note that the orange building is not the downtown one.... This is!

Welcome to Grant MacEwan Downtown Campus!

Robbins Health Learning Centre

(Totally check out the link for the above...)

AND they have "A student residence nearby" (as stated in the article from above) that "are not dorms, but rather apartment-style one and two bedroom units with their own kitchen and bathroom areas"...

You have to, HAVE TO take the virtual tour!


RIGHT NOW! It's insane!

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