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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Quick New Year Update... Part 1

This past year has been a roller coaster at best. At time it felt like the drop of doom while others made you feel like you could fly...

Would I trade it in for a different year? Humm.... Parts of it maybe.

It's been a full year of Tyler working in the field away from home... For most of that year we were on a schedule of 24/4's (24 out and 4 days home).... Just recently (the past few months) we've been on a schedule of 10/4's.... With a random 24/4 here and there. It's been nice to have him home every other weekend.... And the girls have adapted to every schedule without any major issues.

Emma is in Grade 2... What a year! She's one of the stronger readers in her grade, reading at a Grade 4+ level with her writing right behind it. She's creative, fun loving, outgoing and brilliant.... In a book smart kind of way! *L* She likes to know what everyone is doing and why, why, WHY! *L* If she told me today that she was going to be a Lawyer or Judge when she grows up, well.... It wouldn't surprise me. She loves to follow what's right! She's also the one who LOVES jokes! She'll be the first to giggle at one being told and then loves to share it with everyone she knows!

Zoë is in Kindergarten this year and is growing into such a neat little individual. She's finally finding 'herself' this year with a bit of a rocky (not-so-sure-about-all-of-this) start at the beginning of the year.... But now she talks about who she's going to marry when she gets "big like you Mommy!"... *L* She's loving, kind and caring.... Wherever Zoë is an animal isn't too far behind her! I love seeing the moments when she's cuddled up next to our cats (and honestly, one of them is a total scaredy cat!) singing to them.... She also has this neat ability of sneaking into my bed in the middle of the night (without me even noticing until my alarm goes off the next morning!)... She says it's 'because you're lonely ('cause Daddy's not home)!!' Melts my heart!!

As of right now both girls would like to be a 'Horse Trainer, Rider and Vet".... For now though they've settled for Figure Skating Lessons! *L* Emma is currently in Junior and it's been neat to see her grow on the ice... She's doing moves I never thought she would! *LOL* Zoë is currently in CanSkate and seems to like it.... Although she's still not too sure about this 'slippery ice' thing. They both would like to try out Ringette, Soccer (Emma), Basketball & Dance.... As well as some music lessons on the side. I've also noticed (since they were little) that they LOVE to learn new languages!

I myself am very involved in the girls school.... Have been ever since Emma started there in Kindergarten. Currently I am the Chair of the Parents' Association.... And, because so many of you have asked, I'm also involved in:

Hot Lunch (every other Friday)

Workroom Wednesday (on a rotation)

Classroom Rep for Kindergarten (first year not being Emma's!)

Teachers' Appreciation Week

Spring Dance Coordinator

I cut back this year to have more time with my girls as Tyler is away from home more... I'm sure there's more that I'm missing but at this hour (wee hours of the morning) that was all I could think of! *L*

I'm also in charge of the Carnival with the girls Figure Skating Club.... It's the year end show which is proving to try and kick my butt.... *L* I've never done it before and there wasn't a whole lot of information that was passed on to me from previous years so I'm trying my best. We have a rehearsal the day before and the actual show the next day.... There was an awesome turn out last year for it and I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds this year. Currently I am booking costumes, searching for the others, making the schedules and booking a photographer! *LOL*

For my Birthday this past year (2010) I was given an amazing gift.... My Nikon D3000!!! GEEEE!!! I have unbelievable friends and family that love me sooo much!! Before the years end I started up my own photography company called 'Cinnamon Photography'.... So if you're in need of photos, please check me out! I'm on Facebook right now while I work on my web page! :)

I am still working with VIP Event Consultants as a Wedding Coordinator. I love how every client we have is a totally different experience! I've had a blast working here and look forward to the events planned for this year!!

Other then all of that (schedules, classes, meetings, etc.) I'm still a Stay-at-Home Mommy.... I'd love to say that 'I'm loving every moment of it' but usually I'm not.... *L* The girls are starting to really get their own personalities (which I do love) but they don't always mesh well in a houseful of girls! *LOL* For the majority of it though, I do love it. I honestly wouldn't trade it for anything else!

Tyler and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary last July (2010).... Crazy how the time flies by! And true to our crazy lifestyle, Tyler ended up having to be at work away from home so I spent our Anniversary in Jasper with Sarah (one of my best friends and fill in for Tyler! *L*), my girls & Jessica, Kevin and their little girl Juliet! JK&J came all the way from Toronto for a visit and we tried to cram in as much as we could! *LOL* It was an awesome time and I hope to get out to them this Summer!

We're all doing very well and are loving the City we live in. I adore being so close to the country and yet only 15 minutes away from a major City too. The girls are in an amazing school with kind, caring individuals. What more could I ask for??!

We look forward to this upcoming year which seems to be full of weddings (Zac & Amy, Jessica & Kevin... My Mom & Andy), a random reunion (Whoo Hooo!), my 10 year reunion, trips (Greece & somewhere stupidly warm for Christmas!).... and much, much more!

Hope you have an unbelievable New Year.... Make the best of it... And keep us posted!! ;)