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Thursday, March 27, 2008

WHAT exactly is the defintation of 'Realtor'??!!

Well let me tell you!

One entry found.


Main Entry: Re·al·tor
Pronunciation: \ˈrē(-ə)l-tər, -ˌtȯr, ÷ˈrē-lə-tər also rē-ˈal-tər\
Function: collective mark

—used for a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors"

Thank you Merriam-Webster!

As you see know one really knows what the Realtors job is...... This must explaint eh trouble I've been having with ours.... Well, not really ours.... But my Husband's parents whom we've been renting our house from for... Humm... I've been here about 5 years and Tyler was here for a few years before that... So 7ish years. Yup.

I'm learning that I may have too high of expectations from Realtors, can you believe that??!! *L* I knew that today was the day this house (that we're currently living in) was to go on the market... So i get up this morning and check the Realtors page and there it is! Spelling errors and all! We're right arcross from one of Edmonton's most well known Colleges and he has spelled it wrong! GAH! Does he live here???!! Honestly.... So I give him a call... Chat it up with him about how I need ot get a key and how I need to be out of the house for at least an hour when there are viewings, etc.... And I forget to mention the spelling errors.... I did ask about the listing though and he assured me it would be out today he was just working on the spec's sheet.... Um humm... I gave him my work e-mail so that he could forward that right to me... Which, I'd like to say, he still hasn't done and it's now a new day! Blah. I could go on about our conversation but I'm saving it up for later on when I have no kids around me and can compeltly focus on ranting... Lucky you!

Anyways, I got home about 12:30am (oh yes!) and checked out the mls site, and there it is... The spec's of this house.... SPELLING ERRORS AND ALL! Ugh! So I sen the 'Realtor' and e-mail stating that the very well known College was spelled wrong and he may want to fix that as many young couples (he's aiming this sell at first time home buyers or someone rental imverstors) attend such College....

Does that make any sense?

This may not sound so bad right now but when I'm not so tired later on today I'll write more about my morning of phone calls back and forth with this awesome (ha, ha) Realtor..... And such.

Tired now, going to bed!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ugh. that sucks. the realtor we were dealing with here (when it looked like ryan's aunt and uncle were going to buy) was awesome, but then she's a friend of a friend. at least he's not technically YOUR realtor.