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Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Mommy...

Dear Mommy....

And Andy... And Grandma and Grandpa......


So... since everyone is recovering from their strain of cold and dinner won't be happening this weekend....

Please check out this blog "IT'S HERE!!!! IT'S HERE!!!!"




Rhonda said...

Oh how wonderful. I love the smell of a new house. That fresh wood and new carpeting. I would love to be moving into a new home... but will have to be happy where we are for a while.

L said...

ZogLady Mommy here!

I am so excited for you and the rest of the ZogFamily.

You have always been the most real, kind, generous and loving person... This couldn't happen to a nicer young woman. Not to mention the incredible ZogMan and ZogKidlets.

YAY! We'll celebrate when everyone is back in good form.