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Saturday, March 8, 2008


I'm VERY excited.....

I've been avoiding this site that I used to check out daily.... Oh who am I kidding, hourly! *L* It's called 'Used Edmonton'.... A place where you can list stuff you no longer want and other do!

I used the site a lot after I found it not too long before Christmas... It amazes me what people are selling... Great condition, smoke-free homes, for cheap! How can you go wrong? My girls ended up with so much more this past Christmas with a great thanks to that site....

Anyways, as I said, I was avoiding the site since I kept finding things that I was falling in love with for our new home... And it was causing Tyler stress to think about 1) The money for the items that, yes, were good for our new place... 2) Where we would store all the stuff I was finding and such.... So I stopped going on it....

Until a few days ago.... Where I came across the most amazing bedroom suite for Emma! Honestly, it's great.... And at a silly price! I sent it to my Mom since she is someone I like to share my 'findings' with.... She liked it... A lot!

Things started rolling... I showed it to Tyler when he got home from his night shift and he agreed that he liked it but was concerned about where we would come up with the money.... Thankfully my super-awesome Mommy had mentioned to me beforehand that I could borrow the money and pay her back when I could (which for me would be during this summer off of the Weddings I do)... So I set it up! My Mommy kindly made the arrangements with the woman selling the beautiful bedroom set (I wrote the woman as well in my own inquiry but she never got back to me! *L* Hard to pass up a cash offer -by my Mom!- a day later)... Andy, Tyler and Conor (thank you, thank you, thank you!) will be meeting at the woman's home later today to pick up the items....

I'm excited not only because it's all worked out (so far) but because of the deal... It's crazy! I've found many beds (only the bed) that were great for the idea that I have for my girls' rooms... But they cost just as much as this set!

Are you ready for this??

"Chocolate brown bedroom suite for girls"

Included in sale:

Headboard, dresser, mirror, and one night stand.

It's only 6 months old from The Brick (amazing!!!!)....

Why is she getting rid of it? She bought it for her daughter and now they have another (adopted?) and need something that will accommodate both children....

I looked it up on The Brick's site and found it! Ha! Here it is!

4 Piece Carlsbad Full/Queen Panel Bedroom Set


Web Price*

Includes: Carlsbad Full/Queen Panel Headboard, Carlsbad 2-Drawer Night Table, Carlsbad 6-Drawer Dresser, Carlsbad Panel Mirror

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that it's not a twin.... It's a double that can turn into a queen! GAH! My four year old will be sleeping on a double! *L*

What are we paying for it?

Well it's $75 cheaper then she was asking for (thank you Mommy!)...


Grand Total: $400!


Insane right??!! *L*

Yes, I'm excited!


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