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Saturday, August 30, 2008


I TOTALLY forgot to write about the birth of my friend's baby! How horrible is that???
He (Joshua) was born on August 2nd, 2008! Right while I was working on a wedding! *L* He weighed in at 7lbs 12oz. and 19.5 inches!

Joshua is a healthy, happy baby and both Mom and him were doing awesome right after the birth.
He has an older sister, Jaylee (15 days younger then my Zoë!) who adores him!
We were lucky enough to meet this new little guy at my Husbands surprise birthday party (which I also just realized I never blogged about! Huh.... *L* Better get on that...) and I have to say.... For a boy he's pretty darn cute! *L*
Thanks Julie and James for making the trip out and letting us meet the newest member of your family!

Friday, August 29, 2008


So I don't really keep up on everyday news let alone celebrity news.... But every once and awhile I like to indulge myself in some gossip... *L*

Today I read about the (what seems like) hundreds of babies that have been born int he last few months.... Engagements, divorces... What not. And then I came across this.... It was an article about "Rate The Outfits".... As I flipped through the many, many beautiful people in their cost-more-than-my-second-vehicle outfits I stopped at this photo...
The above, just in case some of you also don't keep up on Celebrities, is Jessica Alba. She had a baby girl, Honor Marie Warren on Saturday, June 7th 2008. Now here's the kicker... I remember seeing a magazine (while waiting in line at the store) that expressed Jessica's concern with putting on weight (even though the weight she was putting on was, ya know, a human!).... Later on she expressed how she was loving being pregnant! No worries about food... And then, finally, after having her daughter she went back to being depressed and concerned that she may NEVER get back to her pre-baby body....
HA, HA, HA..... Oh dear.
Anyways, the photo from above was taken on August 17, 2008. The caption underneath is the real reason of why I'm writing this rant... Umm... I mean blog!
"At the ALMA Awards, Jessica Alba shows off her post-baby bod in a cleavage-baring Narciso Rodriguez gown. It’s amazing how quickly that baby weight comes off when you have a staff of personal trainers and millions of dollars are your disposal. (Getty Images)"

SOOOOOOOOOO true! Oh yes, I too could have a body like this (pre-baby bod) only 8 weeks after having my child IF I had someone to watch and tend to my childs' every need while I'm gone.... Gone working out with my personal trainer on the best-of-the-world equipment and then come home to a pre-made (but still hot!) meal made by a personal Chef....
(I'd like to note that I have no clue if she has a Chef at her home...)....


Pre-Baby Body

Those long hard days being pregnant...

Puffy eyes?? WHAT??
Just another night out with the Hubby...

About 9 months...
What a way to annouce your baby!

If only I could look THAT great (hair, make-up, etc.) that soon after a baby!

Did you hear, DID YOU HEAR??!!!

Kat Angus
Published: Thursday, August 28, 2008
It's time to get things started on The Muppet Show tonight!

Yes, Disney is rumoured to be looking into the possibility of reviving The Muppet Show, more than 27 years after the original went off the air. Why now? Well, a new Muppet movie is on the horizon, and with Forgetting Sarah Marshall scribe Jason Segel at the helm, insiders are expecting the flick to return the Jim Henson creations to their former glory. Depending on how well the movie is received, the TV networks will probably come knocking.

"If the movie script is popular Jason will write the TV series, too. He is already coming up with ideas for it," a source told the U.K. Telegraph.

Remind us to send Jason Segel a cake.

The original Muppet Show ran from 1976 to 1981 and was wildly successful, spawning several movies, including The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and The Muppets Take Manhattan. But over the years, movie and television studios lost interest - probably around the time Muppet Treasure Island flopped and the unfunny Muppets Tonight TV show got cancelled. (We may be in the minority, but we still think A Muppet Christmas Carol is wonderful.)

"Jason is a massive Muppets fan and is seen as the man to finally bring The Muppet Show back to TV," the source continued. "It will obviously have all its old fans but Jason's comedy is hugely popular with youngsters so it will open it up to a whole new audience."

Statler and Waldorf are going to be furious.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I originally came here to write about how I'm sad that we won't be going away on holidays before Emma starts Kindergarten this year.... And how everyone else is.... Whether they can afford it or not....

But instead I'm off to watch 27 Dresses. No, I have not seen it yet and yes, I'm excited to watch it on my own! Hubby is working the night shift....


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Took a Quiz.... Part 2

What Color Style Are You?

Quiz Results:

Energy & Optimism is your color style
Looking outside the box is second nature to you and the colours in your home reflect your adventurous and positive attitude. With your fearless approach to decorating, you are drawn to a palette of bold, fresh hues and are likely to try out new ones at the drop of a hat. Inspired by art and fashion, you choose colors that spur your creativity and provide a daring backdrop for all your contemporary furnishings and unique and fabulous finds.
Huh. Now if only I could USE my strength in this area without backing down of fear first!
My goal for the new year (oh yes, I'm making one!): To follow m design heart as long as it won't kill Tyler while accomplishing it! *L*

Friday, August 22, 2008

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Ahh Van Morrison!

Here I am, supposed to be getting ready for shopping and a night out with my kids, sitting at my computer listening to Van Morrison!

Oh Van, how you have a special place in my heart!

For a split second I caught myself with my eyes closed remembering a time of my Mom and I in our living room.... Van Morrison in the background and the winter snow blowing outside.

What a wonderful, wonderful feeling I get inside me.

Sort of like the feeling you get after swallowing a mouthful of hot chocolate.

It makes me feel safe and warm inside.

I love Van Morrison's work and could listen to it all night.

I love the way it makes me think of my childhood.... Music, My Mom and I.... All have a special place in my heart.

Off I go to get ready while listening to 'Brown Eyed Girl'.....

Thursday, August 21, 2008


(Umm... The Sapphire one!)
I've "asked" Tyler to get this for me..... (Well... "Told" would be more like it) for when we have our Temple Marriage and Sealing as a Family!
I've even taken him to see it! Ha!
But who knows... Just another thing to add to my "Wish List" like my "Oh My, Oh My, Oh My" blog...
A gal can dream, right??!!

Geese + South =

A very, VERY sad Mista!

Today I went out to close my back windows of my van (it's been gloomy for the past few days)only to notice that there are Geese flying south!


Already! Ack!

I know that summer is coming to and end... Especially here in Alberta. We practically live in 10 months of winter and two months of summer. Lately we've had 30+ degree weather....
I LIVE for 30+ weather..... While most people I know are complaining that it's too hot I'm soaking it all in while I can. Must keep my warmth reserve on high for the whole winter! *L*
Now please don't think that I won't go as far as to say 'Yup, it's hot!'.... I'll happily mention how hot it is... But I prefer not to complain about it... I save that up for the -40 weather we get all winter!
Anyhoo, back on track.... So here I am, slightly down by the fact that a few days ago the lake behind out house was hosting a Canadian Geese party only to know that the party theme was 'Bon Voyage!'.....


Friday, August 1, 2008

Emma's new eyes!

Well if you haven't heard the news already, I'll explain...

In my previous blog 'Weekend update!' I mentioned on the Monday (28th) I had taken the girls to their very first eye appointments.....

Well Emma and Zoë did an awesome job! Emma went first, of course, and did everything Dr. Mah asked of her. She was spitting out the names of the shapes on the wall, "Cake, Car, Horse...." but when it got to he 20/20 line she'd stop.

After the 'look into the light' test and such I was told the news.... Emma needed glasses.

It was funny... At first I wanted to bawl.... But then I decided to play up the exciting side of this situation. When we told Emma that she would need glasses from here on end she was excited! What an awesome little girl I have!

Apparently she has 20/20 vision in her right eye but a -2 astigmatism in her left eye.... Just like her Mommy!

Tyler had corrective lenses for a little bit when he was little and hated every moment of it.... I on the other had started kindergarten learning to read juts by the fuzzy outlines of letters and numbers... I know am up to a -5 astigmatism in my eyes and a $1000 bill every 2 years for new glasses, lenses, etc.

Anyhoo... Onto Zoë's appointment.... She did awesome considering her age. She did the first shape part with no major issues (as long as she was sitting on my lap) but when it came to the 'look into the light' and place your face on this neat thing, she wasn't having any of it! *L* But the Dr. Mah was impressed! I guess that's all that really matters! *L*

We'll be going back in 6 months for a check-up on Emma and her glasses and to finish up Zoë's appointment. Dr. Mah did mention that it's looking like Zoë has a astigmatism as well.


So after the appointment the girls got to choose a toy out of the toy drawer (now that's well worth the appointment! *L*) and then Emma was off to pick her very first pair of glasses!

Now there's something you need to know about Emma.... She's stylish! She always has been... I actually like asking her opinion on things regarding clothing and such, as does Tyler! We're very impressed with her design abilities. But yes, she walks over to the wall of kid glasses and doesn't even hesitate.... She sees the ones she likes and starts pointing! After trying on a few choices she's narrowed it down to two! Amazing, I would have been there for hours! *L* In the end we all (we had a helper) decided that the darker purple frames looked best....

We placed our order (which was to some in on Wednesday, yes only two days later!) and headed out.

A day later I received a call letting us know that her glasses were in! Wow! Unfortunately pay day is Wednesday.... So first thing Wednesday before swimming lessons we headed over to pick up her glasses!

They are adorable! Yes maybe a little wide for her face (as my Hubby pointed out) but I DON'T CARE! What I do care about is that Emma was thrilled, and still is, about having glasses! She fell in love with this pair and loves taking care of them, what more can I ask for?

At Auntie Colleen's Wedding July 5th, 2008
The day of the new eyes! July 30th, 2008
Photo Shoot by Photosmiths.ca July 31, 2008
I LOVE this shot!
Photo Shoot by Photosmiths.ca July 31, 2008
My little kindergartner-to-be!
Congratulations Emma!