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Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Strive to be a Unicorn....

I'm not one of those people who has a scale in her house.... I also don't obsess over my weight.

I don't allow a scale in my house simply because if I did.... I'd be on it every five minutes. No joke.

I'd feel gross about myself, have some sort of eating disorder.... And pretend to not to....

I'd be a horrible example to my children regarding body issues and such.

I could go on forever....

INSTEAD, I leave the scale on the Wal-Mart shelf and, when I feel the need to (like once a year), I make a trip there and weigh myself.

The only other time that I get weighed is at my annual doctor's appointment.

That's it.

Pretty simple, right?

Now, some of you may be asking.... Am I obese?


Am I under weight?


I'm exactly where I should be.


I base it off of how I feel.... In my skin.

I am woman. My body changes day-to-day. It's bloated some days, then I look like I magically lost 10lbs the next... Soooooo odd!

I've decided to ride the roller coaster.... And try to enjoy it.

BUT... I've also decided that I will join a gym...

I don't weigh myself there.... I don't stare at everyone else around me dreaming of that 18 year olds' body type (Honestly! I've birthed kids! HA!)...

I'm proud of what my body has done for me. I've carried two wonderful baby girls.... Had an emergency c-section, 3 days overdue, and produced a 9lbs 2oz baby... Then a year and a half later I pushed out a 9lbs 5oz baby a week overdue.

My body rocks.... But it could be a bit more toned.

So I joined the local gym here on September 10th and have been going ever since.

Do I have a routine?

HA! No.

I try hard to get there right after dropping the girls off at school in the morning.... And Tuesday/Thursday's I have to make sure to be back at the school for 11:30am.

I find that if I don't go right after taking them to school, I'll never get there.

Now... I also have to throw in being the Chair of our Parents' Association... And being on 11 other Committees to boot.

As well, I'm the Carnival Chair (year end show) for my girls' Figure Skating Club....

So toss in a bunch of meetings, skating schedules, volunteering constantly.... Well, life gets busy....

So I didn't make a plan to be at the gym every.single.day.

I get there as much as I can.

I've gone for hours at a time and then I've gone for a quick 30 min's.

Life happens, I just try to keep up.

So I'm taking my stand... I'm making a promise to myself (not my Husband, Children, Friends, etc........ M-Y-S-E-L-F)...

I promise to not obsess over my weight. I promise to try my best in eating the right things (this includes a fair amount of chocolate ladies! As well as treating myself out to dinner when I feel like it!), drinking the right things (more water, less pop.... But not cutting pop out completely!).... I promise to make sure that I'm in tune with my body.... I promise to listen to the ACTUAL little voice in my head (not the nagging 'you should look like...feel like...be like...' voice) in regards of how I feel about myself. I promise not to spend hours staring at my body in the mirror (ha, ha , ha.... When do I have the time anyways??!) cutting myself down with stupid remarks about the love handles I have or any marks from pregnancy. I promise to take the time for myself to go to the gym...to do what will make me feel better about myself after my workout (even if the workout is only 15 minutes!). I promise to start loving myself for who I am. I promise that ANY time spent away from the home/children/crazy life schedule and in the gym is for me and me alone. And if I only make it up the stupid flights of stairs (hey, at least I didn't use the elevator), and on the machine long enough to learn how to use the actual thing (Honestly people, there's soooo many doohickeys on those things now!) before I have to head home... Well heck, I took the time for me. To better myself and clear my mind. No strings attached.

I promise to do this for me.


Care to join in?

(My strive to be a Unicorn... My Way!)