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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Not so 'Exciting!'....

So the guys made their way from all of the city to meet up at the woman's house at 11:30 this morning....

The looked at the bedroom set and then Tyler gave me 'The Call'....

The dresser is slightly...beat up in the corners of the drawers... The mirror that attaches to the dresser has no hardware (they have no idea where it is right now...), the headboard has no hardware to connect to a bed frame.....

It goes on....

I'm bummed.
The guys are now going home. I'm sorry to Mom who took the time to take the money out for me and made all the arrangements between the woman and us...I'm sorry to Andy who drove out there in his truck so we would be able to haul the bedroom set from one side of the city to the other... I'm sorry to Conor who took half a day off of work to help us out... And I'm sorry to my Hubby who worked nights last night, went out with the guys for a bit (PSP Vs. PS3! *L*), came home and got up early this morning (for his schedule) to so this for me...




Jesslikesstuff said...

Awww that sucks!

Have you checked out freecycle?

I think it's freecycle.org or freecycle.ca or freecycle.com...not sure.

My mom's had GREAT luck with that site! People post stuff that they want to get rid of but don't want to move themselves. I bet you'd find something on there. Worth a shot!!!!

Jesslikesstuff said...

It's www.freecycle.org!

Try it out!!

L said...

Hey ZogLady,

Not to worry. This came from The Brick and we have an "in" there. If you still want this particular set, I could ask our associate at the store about what kind of deal we could get on it new.

LOVES! from ZogLady Mommy

Anonymous said...

bummer... and i don't know if you've checked out freecycle, but it's... okay. i checked it out when i lived in halifax. maybe it's different now, but you had to sign up to a mailing list and then you get mail from them all the time and for the most part (in hali anyway) it was 90% people looking for stuff and 10% people giving stuff away. there was alot of "looking for ridiculously expensive thing i'm hoping someone is dumb enough to give away for free" and "looking to give away some piece of garbage someone is stupid enough to take away."

i got really annoyed with it after a while. but maybe it's different now!

Sarah said...


Ya...Conor told me this later - and I was like "that sucks" :-( Mom says you can get a much better deal then $400 for a new set! So keep looking!

lol! I'm sorry, but I had to chuckle when I saw the "X" through the pic. A very nice touch. ;-)

Rhonda said...

Grrr.... grumble, mumble, mumble... %^&#Y$(*#

Good luck!