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Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

So a few days ago I was telling Tyler that St. Patrick's Day would be on Monday.... And then I all of a sudden realized that I haven't actually celebrated this day since being married....

You see, the March before Emma was born I had my gallbladder removed... So this meant to alcohol back in my drinking day (which I had actually stopped ages before).... Then Emma was born and I got busy! *L* And then Zoë was added into the mix and the day got forgotten completely!

How rude is that??! *L*

So hear I am, at 4:12am, trying to decide what to do with my girls today.... Do they own anything green? Is it clean??! *L* I do have an Irish background, I suppose I should at least try to celebrate the day... right??!

Green milk? Does that make your teeth green for the day, 'cause I'd really hate that.... Yes, 'hate!'... And I don't think I have any green food coloring in the house... Humm... Guess we could make crafts..... Or.... Something...

Oh I know! I'll give Emma a green felt and teach her how to spell words that has to do with today.... Lets see... (Searched on some sites for 'word searches' on this topic for some help...

Makes sense:
St. Patrick's Day (or Saint, Patrick)
Clover (if I want to get really technical I could throw in 'four-leaf')

But do I really want to add:
Pot (Well.... Some people* I knew in College would have... Oh wait, umm... Guess that's not what they meant....)
Blarney (Can be kissed on any day, not just March 17th... And would 'stone' be it's own word?? It also raises some negative* feelings for me like 'pot'.... *L*)
Legend (Humm... May be alright...)
Monk (Umm...)
Pinch (I'm not sure that I'm ready to explain the 'rules' to the girls yet... Maybe next year when Zoë won't actually do this to Emma! *L*)
Slave (Okay.... So.... yeah...)

And then other's:
Flag ('Irish Flag'... Do I also write down each individual color??!! *L*)
Beer (Do I add in 'mug'??!)
Pipes (*LOL* Just like before.... Anyways, Leprechaun's are always smoking them....)
Cloud (Usually attached to the rainbow...)
Hat (Seen with a clover on it)
Harp (Ummm...)

And to top it all off:
Pot O' Gold (Written just like that! :P)

I think I've thought too much into this... Maybe a few hours sleep will help me choose which words to teach my children....

Or maybe we'll just see what kid shows are teaching about St. Patrick's Day....


Have a green day!!!


Sarah said...

hehe! Happy St. Patricks day to you! I completely forgot to wear green today...I never do that! Ugh! But, I'll be home again in a bit - and I will change! heh.

Conor and I will probably just go for a green beer tonight. Then head home. Yes...we're so exciting! haha.

Anonymous said...

oh st. patties day... given my choice in life-partners i could NEVER forget this day... this is probably the busiest time of year for us. ryan had one gig on thursday, one on friday, THREE on saturday, one yesterday and TWO today! he ditched off work early today (like at 10am) to sleep and he has taken tomorrow totally off... so tired!

tonight will probably be pretty crazy, though not as bad as last year when it was on a saturday. that was mental!

oh, and pipes don't have to refer to the smoking ones. you can talk about pipes as in flutes or tin whistles. and although they are scottish, not irish, you could teach the girls about bagpipes. it was funny, saturday night ryan's band (a celtic band with a scottish lead singer) was playing in an english pub celebrating an irish holiday and who else was there as entertainment? the police pipe and drum band and a group of highland dancers!

Rhonda said...

Love St. Patrick's day, but not because of the party... because of corned beef is so cheap at the market.