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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting Cloooooooooooser!

Taken December 10th, 2007
Today Tyler, Myself and our girls went and looked at our house.... With permission!!!
You see, for those of you just joining in this topic, we're not supposed to enter the house without permission from our builder for safety reason... And when we do the final walk-thru a week before we have possession we're supposed to wear a hard hat and not have anyone under 18 with us.... (We'll see how that goes!)
BUT we've been sneaking peeks the whole way through... We'd go late at night and check it out.... Today though was special, the girls actually got to come inside (usually they'd be asleep in the locked warm van)!
When we arrived the makers of our cabinets were there dropping them off! *GEE!* They look GGGGGGRRRRRREAT! Once they were done we carried the girls into the house (didn't want them to walk in the mud before entering the house) and showed them around... Daddy was a bit stressed as he didn't want them to get hurt or break anything (not that he'll admit to the stressed part... *L*) but for the most part our girls did well.... We showed them the living room, kitchen, back hall all while taking measurements and measuring out what will fit where... And then we went upstairs!
Cabinets in our living room! *L* Taken March 4, 2008
First we showed them our bedroom (the quite liked the walk-in closet) and then Tyler asked them if they knew where their rooms were... Well they took off down the hall and went right into THEIR OWN ROOMS! Now this isn't in bold because they're finally going to officially have their own rooms (Emma has been sleeping in the spare room) but because they ran right into the correct rooms! *LOL* It was awesome!
Doors to our girls room... Emma to the left, Zoë to the right!
After much running around in their soon-to-be rooms we headed to the basement where Emma freaked out on the stairs (she was preoccupied by the fact that she needed to pee and wasn't focusing on what was happening and then realized the was on stairs to the basement! *L* Poor kid) while Zoë took to them like a pro! Then they saw the under the stairs play space.... Oh yes! *L*
The stairs to the basement...
The play space that I think would look awesome as a castle entrance!
Anyhoo, all in all it turned out to be a great trip and hopefully we'll get to Ikea tomorrow to look at some furniture and such...
Side Note:
Our deck now has metal railings as well as our side steps too! And I believe the front of our house is finished... Could be wrong, was so excited about the inside I didn't take much time to look at the outside! *L*


Anonymous said...

soooo excited to come visit!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! That's so exciting!! *sigh* I wish we were getting a new house! - soon enough...:-D Maybe we'll come to Leduc! haha. ;-)