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Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Note...

We got home last night not as late as we usually do from Family Dinner on the other side of the city (so before midnight!)... Zoë was exhausted from a day of fun, no nap and a whole lot of food... Once we we got home Tyler took sleepy Zoë straight to our room by request of a sleepy sweet voice (Emma falls asleep in their shared room first while Zoë falls asleep in our room... She'll leave the cats alone better then Emma will! *L*)... She didn't even get a chance to brush her teeth since she wouldn't have anything to do with it! Poor thing....

Anyhoo... So as Daddy gets Zoë ready for bed he starts to get her pull-up's on.... Now here's the thing. We've gone all day in Underwear. ALL day! How exciting is that? Well when Daddy went to get pull-up's on for night time sleeping Zoë was quite insistent that she was going to wear Underwear! I believe she kept saying "Nooooo! Underwear!"... So what's a Daddy to do? He let her sleep.... In underwear.... In our bed.... On Daddy's side! *L*

And you know what happened? Tyler moved Zoë to her bed once we went to bed hours later... Didn't try to sit her on the toliet, just placed the heavliy alseep child into her bed and tucked her in.... Then he went to sleep. I had fallen alseep on the couch and I guess I had responded to Tyler saying that I would be right down... Yeah, I don't rememebr any of that! *L* SO when I did drag myself downstairs at 3:30-4am I asked if he had put Zoë on the toliet before she went to her bed... Nope! *L* I went and checked on her and she was sleeping so peacefully that I decided cleaning up a wet bed and child in the wee hours of the morning would be better then waking a sleeping child (Pheboe's Law!)... So I went to sleep.

5am I hear from somewhere in the darkness of my room, "Mommy, I have to pee!"... And off we go! Zoë actually woke up, came to my room to get me and got on the toliet before peeing! HA!

I'm so proud of her!

She then came to our bed to tell Daddy (who doesn't remember this conversation) and snuggled in for a few hours before I placed her back into her bed, wearing underwear, for a few hours before we needed to get up for our breakfast plans with the Missionaries.

It was a great start to the day!


Anonymous said...

yaaay!! oh i'm so proud of her! that's fantastic!

Jesslikesstuff said...

Go Zoe!