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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Nights

This year I vow to have one night a week where it's just for my girls and I (and maybe Tyler if he's home... ;P)...

Now in reality (and my scheduling alone) this is not likely to happen every week, but hey, at least I'm willing to try!

So far on our schedules we have this:


Swimming (Both girls, two different times.... Ugh)


**My Skating Meetings (Usually every month)


Swimming (different times!)
*Activity Days (Starting after Emma's 8th Birthday...)
**My PA Meetings (Only 4 a year)


NOTHING! I call this one 'Mommy Night' (Will explain later)





September is a bit random with only some of the programs starting for the girls (others in October), Registration Nights for skating (3 of them on separate weeks), the schools AGM (held on a Tuesday), etc.

Then during the school year we must not forget to add in the Volunteering that I do that doesn't always only happen during the day....

And on top of that I have Consignment Meets (let alone the insane amount of hours to sort, photograph, post and label/price, pack and load).... AND trying to run a up-and-coming photography business (oh yes!) while still being a Wedding & Event Coordinator! Ha!

Anyways, enough about that....

Monday's will be our 'Family Night'.... Thursday's are to be 'Mommy Night' (i.e. Grey's!)....

Oh! Yes, so some of you may have noticed that swimming is on Monday's... Well that's only until November-ish.... Unless we would like to continue onto the next class...

So (sorry about the long winded explanation above) I thought I would post ideas for family nights.... And hey, maybe you'll be able to pull your own night/day/afternoon/weekend/hour/10 minutes/etc. off as well and let me know how it went!

Let me know how you feel about this idea.... I would love to hear if your family has already been practicing this, how it's been going for you, and if you haven't been.... Maybe we could make a pact to do at least 4 Family Nights (or whichever) by the end of this year.....

*Side Note: My next post will discuss the naming of these nights, scheduling, etc. I know, you're excited right?!! ;P

Details. It's all about the details, right??!

Is it awful that I'm drawn to detail shots?

How the necklace sits on a collarbone.... How each cupcake was placed with such care to be in the exact way it's supposed to be for the drama? How a hairpin can make or break the hairstyle?

I LOVE details. Colors of shoes (usually hidden under a lovely wedding dress until photo time!), florals, food.... Oh the food! If I could take photos of food all day, I would!!!

Rings, dress (lacing it!), smiles, eye make-up, earrings, hands, sign-in book, love notes, favors, chair ties (oh the knots/bows!), chargers (if you were able to afford them!), the cake (oh gosh, yum!), the guests, the chandeliers (if you had them!).... The runner, the pew balls, the aisle, the invitations, the RSVP cards, the seating chart (endless hours putting that together!), the place cards, the specialty drink (that you designed), the candy table, the lingerie, the something blue.... oh gosh I could go on all day (or night I suppose)... All the things that YOU put so much time into, all the little details, that maybe to all of your guests noticed.... But I understand.... Those are what really pulls your wedding together. Maybe this is from many years of wedding planning?

Don't get me wrong, I love taking photos of humans too.... But I keep finding myself drawn to the details.

Think there's any way I could make some money out of detail only shots? Maybe throw in some candid photos too??!! *L*

*sigh* Finding myself as a photographer is a harder road then I imagined... A good one, but it has some slight turns in it that I wasn't expecting....