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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Music to my (poor, poor) Ears! *L*

The other day (the 20th) the girls made their own little band....

I'd like to thank my mother for constantly telling me how musical my children are... I totally believe it, and this only helps prove her point.... But REALLY! *L*

Oh! And it was really, really late at night! Daddy didn't seem as impressed as Mommy at the time... *LOL*

Sooooo cute! *giggle*

**Please pardon any mess you see in this video... It was taken in our office/spare room/ extra play room which is halfway packed up at the time. Hence the missing bed frame!**


Jesslikesstuff said...

Hahaha that was way too cute! I've never heard their little voices before, that was so sweet :)

ZogLady said...

Oh I guess not hey??! I have TONS of videos of them! I should place them in order and make a mini 'this is my life so far' thing! *LOL*

Anonymous said...