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Friday, March 21, 2008

Tubs! *L*

Okay.... So I was flipping through a book on design (since I will soon have something to actually design!!!!) and came across the above.... here's what the site says about it....
"Weighing in at nearly a full ton, this bath tub is carved from a single piece of marble. Made by Paris Ceramics, leaders in stone flooring design, it’s one of those products you just have to see to believe. It and other luxurious stone and marble tubs are designed to your specifications by the manufacturer."

Well what the heck else do people design???

So here is my journey about bath tubs.... Yes, bath tubs! *L*


WAIT! You HAVE TO check out this page! Honestly! And then let me know which one is your favorite/least favorite, etc!!! Well, go on now! http://www.trendir.com/archives/cat_bathtubs.html?start=15

The above photo comes from the mentioned web page.... This tub (above) is called the "Laguna Pearl Wooden Bathtub"...

As does this one below!
"Chic Bathtub from Ceramica Galassia"
If you keep clicking on 'Next 15 entries' you'll see many, MANY different types of tubs.... And please do!! I'd love to hear what you think about this site!!!
(Like this "Oceania Juliette airbath")
So from leather, marble, stone, wood..... You can pretty much have it all! WITH lights!! *L*
But this one is still one of my top favorites... When I saw it in 2006 I knew that one day I would have it.... One day.... *sigh*
The new Kohler Sok tub is an overflowing bath that will take your romancing experience far away from the ordinary. Imaging two of you submerging up to your shoulders in a slowly but continuously moving warm water... "as thousands of champagne-like bubbles emerge from thirteen ports, gently caressing for a soothing bathing experience". Sok isn't just an overflowing bath - it's also a bubbling bath (effervescent bath). Other exiting features include chromatherapy and the whirlpool system, seating areas to accommodate average-size man and woman, and it's over-sized to let two people enter simultaneously, and it's also very deep allowing bathers to "completely immerse themselves in the water". Create a continuous flow of water over the sides of the bathtub with the use of Laminar ceiling-mount bath filler. Sok is built of fiberglass and is easy to clean. The bathing area is 84" x 31-1/2" while the outside dimensions are 103-3/4" x 41". Shown is K-1166-C1-96 overflowing bath for two in Biscuit color.


Anonymous said...

okay, i'm going through them now.
the lady X tub would make me feel like i was in the morgue... bleah

the "inside tub" looks like a pottie...

Forum Bioproject Turbopool - this one i don't mind

I love love LOVE those laguna wooden ones... although you'd really have to keep up on the varnish... the madiera wooden ones are pretty awesome too. let's just say i like the wooden ones...

the Stone Forest Old World bathtub is awesome! i'd feel like i needed to wear a toga all the time...

The Papillion Bathtub and Infiniti Pedestal are lovely

i should stop. let's just say i like the old-style ones and the ones made of natural materials. let's find some i don't like:

the Ginko set look like something from a barbie house.
i don't like any of the ones that are rectabgular inside. not so comfy!
i can't help but think when i look at a lot of these tubs: okay, it's very pretty and modern, but would i fit in there? they all seem pretty short. :o(

fun with tubs!

Anonymous said...

okay, the ufo is hilarious! why would you want a tub that is only 20cm deep?

oh! and the old-school barrell tub! so awesome!

okay, no more comments from me...

but really, this is your fault. you asked.


ZogLady said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! I'm glad you responded! Soemtimes you just need to look up random things and comment on them!!! *LOL*

Oh yeah, that UFO one is odd.... Not sure I'd like it... Guess I could bath newborns in it! *L*


Rhonda said...

LOVE this post. I too am always fascinated by tubs and bathroom decor, maybe because I want a new one so very badly.

ZogLady said...

Awww Rhonda!

I LOVE to dream that I have all the space in the world to fill with bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.... One day! *L*