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Monday, September 29, 2008


Twilight Trailer..... 'nuff said....
Click here!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ponder This!

I grabbed this from Simply Mormon's site (with permission!).... Thought it was something that we could take a moment to ponder about....


I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phone?
What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?
What if we flipped through it several times a day?
What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?
What if we used it to receive messages from the text?
What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?
What if we gave it to kids as gifts?
What if we used it in case of an emergency?
This is something to make you go... hmm... where is my Bible?
Oh, and one more thing....

Unlike our cell phone, we don't have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill.

Makes you stop and think 'where are my priorities?
And no dropped calls!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Look what we rescued today....

Shadow's being his usual scaredy-cat self, Olive is pissed and I'm in love...... As are the girls.
Tyler says 'three is too many!'

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh Yes.... Twilight baby!

So it's currently 3:21am here.....

And at 2:01am I finished the first of four books in the Twilight Series!!!


Not only an I enthralled by the book (and CANNOT wait to read the rest!) but I'm THRILLED that I was able to spend a day just reading!

I still made lunch for my children.... An chatted with them here and there...

But they knew 'Mommy's reading a book.... And it's a BIG one!'

I'd like to thank Sarah for loaning me the book so I would have a chance to keep up with the newest, biggest series by a Mormon (oh yes! Imagine!) author as of now.... And so I would have some idea of what is going on when the movie comes out in November!


I honeslty may dream about 'Twilight' every night until I get my hands on the second book, 'New Moon', in the series....

I can hardly wait!!!!
Such an awesome book! / I can't wait!!!! :D
And for all of you patiently waiting (but actually nearly jumping out of your skin at the thought of this!) movie goers:

Friday, September 19, 2008

4 young girls +a Husband on night shift =

One fun day!
And it's only been 3.5 hours!
Yesterday my Hubby was on Facebook (imagine that!) and noticed that our neighbor down the street had changed her status to "Dori-lyn is waiting for Warren to return so I can take him to emerg to see if his ankle is broken...yikes."
Oh yes! When I was driving back from dropping Emma off at school I drove past Dori-Lyn and her Husband.....
For most normal people this wouldn't seem to odd... But I know that her Husband tends to be sent out of town for a week at a time... And it's the middle of the week!
So when I get home I'm informed that Tyler has said to Dori-lyn that if she needs any help at all with her two girls (I've written about them before... Their oldest is a few years older then Emma and then their youngest is the same age as Emma), we'd be willing to do so!
Awesome! I'm actually quite happy to help out.... And it's fun for my girls! They love, love, LOVE playing with Dori's two girls!
What Tyler didn't know was that Dori-lyn needed to be at a class for about 8am, so her little ones would be here at 7:30am...
And he's on night shift....
So he needs to sleep....
During the day....
Which leaves the Wife to be up before 7:30am to make sure the house is some what ready for other little hands and feet to be here!
Too funny.
Thankfully Dori's kids are wonderful little girls. They follow the rules, and the oldest even helps out A LOT with the younger ones. Good thing she's used to having a younger sister!
Emma woke up between 7:45-8am (which is REALLY early for my kids!) with Zoë not far behind her.
It's currently 11:06am.
My kids had breakfast (Dori fed her kids before coming here), and now all the kids have had a snack.
My Husband is still asleep.
I am very, very grateful to be in this wonderful house that allows children to be in their play space in the basement (two levels down from the bedrooms!) as well as on the main floor and their rooms.
I'm also grateful that I forgot to close my bedroom window last night as it seems to be acting as white noise for my Hubby. He hasn't heard much of the girls (Yay!)....
As well, I'm happy to hear that Doris Husband did not break his foot... Just a really bad sprain! (Not fun either, but better then the other option!)
Here's some photos that I took this morning.... Sorry for the bad quality... Quick photos with one eye open (sleepy!) doesn't always turn out as well as you think it will.
Rebecca and Brooke Playing with Zoë's tools
Zoë after saying "It's okay for you guys to play with my tools!" (Thsi is a very nice thing for her to do as she's quite protective over her tools!)
More playing...
Emma coloring... Her favorite thing to do as of now...
Rebecca and Brooke goofing around in our front room.
Zoë having a snack.
More coloring.
Rebecca was laying on the ground while Brooke jumped over her at full speed! *L*
Emma got into it as well!
Brooke, Rebecca and Emma. Zoë ran away when I pulled out my camera!
That's all for now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just a minute ago I went into Emma's room to make sure she's sleeping alright....

She has her pillow at the foot of her bed and is passed right out...

With puffy lips from crying right before she fell asleep....

Mommy lost her temper tonight and yelled.

Mommy was very, VERY angry....

And now Mommy feels horrible that her oldest-little-one fell asleep with thoughts of her Mommy mad at her....


Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fly...

And it's friends.

We had the Missionaries over for dinner tonight (Yay!) and at some point our screen door on our sliding doors was left open.... Every since then we've been dive-bombed by three annoying flies!


I swear (oh yes!) if this sucker doesn't die by the time I'm ready to get some good non-bugged sleep I'll kill it with my own teeth!

(My cats have been doing an awesome job of near-catches all night)......

Otherwise I may have to invest in one of these.... It's called "The Fly Catcher" and it's awesome.... AND funny! *L*

Definitely check out the site! TOOOOO funny, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Classic! *L*

So I'm sitting on my bed reading over Emma's papers that her teacher sent home when all of a sudden my mind wanders....

And I hear....

"Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must fight just to keep them alive...."


"It's the eye of the tiger, it's the cream of the fight Risin' up to the challenge of our rival And the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night And he's watchin' us all in the eye of the tiger..."

And such!!


The construction guys across the street are rocking out to some 'oldies!!!!'....


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you..... :P

I would like to give a big 'thank you' to my friends Sarah and Conor....

Tonight, or last night depending on how you look at this as it's well after midnight, they introduced my wonderful Husband tot he amazing world of 'Fantastic Contraption'....

No, no.... Minds out of the gutter please.... *L* My Husband, Tyler, stopped by after work, umm... yesterday to talk business with Conor (they're in business together if you didn't gather that) and such.... While there (from what I was informed between moments of this wonderful site) Conor introduced Tyler to this site called, 'Fantastic Contraption'....

When Tyler got home we headed out for a quick dinner as a family and then off for some quick shopping (I must blog about this after some sleep!).... All after spending some quality time with our neighbors!

Once the girls were just about ready for bed I noticed that Tyler hopped on the computer pretty quickly.... Odd. You see in our relationship I'm the computer user.... Me... It's MY computer... *L* I mean.... Our computer that I use constantly..... *ahem*

Anyhoo.... We get the girls tucked into bed and he's right back at the computer.... Now I can't remember when he explained this site to me... Before or after the girls were in bed but as soon as I saw it I knew, I KNEW we were in for a long night!


It's an awesome site! Totally check it out, but make sure you have some 'spare time' kicking around to do so! As the site advertises it's "A fun online physics puzzle game". And it is!

SO fun that my Husband, who is on his day shift this week and needs to be out of bed by 6am, didn't get to bed until 3am. Why do I know this? Because my alarm went off at 3am for me to take my Med's for this silly Sinus Infection that is still hanging around.... And he was just getting into bed!


So I'd like to thank my good friends Sarah and Conor (okay so maybe I should start with Conor and then Sarah but I'm used to writing it this way) for introducing my Husband to this wonderful site that he oh-so-loves! *L* Now..... I need to buy a lap top so I can still blog (as that's the real issue with all of this..... And you thought it was about the lack of sleep and health issues that will come with it... HA!)


Monday, September 8, 2008

Right out of a child's mouth!

We did a quiz today.... It's been floating around a few other blogs I read.... So I 'borrowed' it and asked Emma the questions.... Here they are!

1. What is something mom always says to you? Clean your room
2. What makes mom happy? Do what you’re told
3. What makes mom sad? If you don’t do what were not told (I think she means 'If you don't do what you're told')
4. How does mom make you laugh? Funny faces
5. What was mom like as a child? A baby
6. How old is your mom? I have no idea…. 21??! (Gotta love her!!!)
7. How tall is you mom? A little short, A teeny bit tall
8. What is her favorite thing to do? Watch TV (Ha, Ha, Ha! Oh goodness....)
9. What does your mom do when you're not around? Clean up
10. If your mom becomes famous, what will it be for? Dancing (Humm...)
11. What is your mom really good at? Fishing I think… (????)
12. What is your mom not very good at? No idea… I’ll let you know when I have a good idea.. Later on she said "Well sometimes you're nto good at bouncing on one foot!"
13. What does your mom do for her job? Clean, make the bed, weddings
14. What's your mom's favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese (Who knew???!)
15. What makes you proud of your mom? That you do stuff for me!
16. If your mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? Loonette (From Big Comfy Couch)
17. What do you and your mom do together? Make stuff like the card for Brooke-lyn (she's a friend of the girls down the street that wen't for surgery a bit ago)
18. How are you and your mom the same? We do the same stuff like clean, make our beds
19. How are you and mommy different? You’re tall and I’m short
20. How do you know your mom loves you? We give hugs, kisses.

STAIRS here, stairs there.... Stairs everywhere!!!

Yes, it's true!

We have stairs!!!

And railings!

And nicely placed hand prints in our cement!! Geee!!

As you can imagine I was thrilled when the guys from Brookhaven showed up to put our stairs on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Now all we need is landscaping and the final coat of paint on our doors!

SOOOOOOO close!!!!

(Yes, I just blogged about not having stairs this morning! *L* Check it our if you haven't... Stairs...??!!)

For 'November Baby'

I'd first off like to say that I worked hard on a neat thing to post with this blog... But then Blogger won't allow that type of file to be posted.... I'm working on it some more.... But in the meantime you'll have to deal with this:

"It's Going To Be A....
Sometime in November 2008!
'It's a Zog World!' would like to
congratulate our friends over at
'November Baby' on finding out that they
will be having their very first Girl!
Much Love!"
Honestly though I'm jumping out of my skin (okay well not really but you get the idea)! I cannot wait for this little girl (whose name we won't hear until the day she chooses to be born!) to come! Geeee!
Congratulations you two! How exciting!!! :D


We Have Stairs!!!!!!
Sort of.

Wasn't it nice of whoever delivered them to just drop them onto the city sidewalk? It really does look like they just backed the truck up and dropped them onto the ground... How sweet of them!
And, of course, they did this Friday when we weren't home all day... So we didn't get to call our builder and get them to drive the 2 hours to put them on for us.
Oh! As well... Our builder asked us if we could call them when the stairs arrived since on Thursday they had no idea where they were.... They were to arrive Wednesday.
Maybe I'll be lucky enough to have them attached to my house sometime this week.... Maybe....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Towel Rack....

Last night Emma was drying her hands in our main bath... I guess she gave a little tug on the towel and, from where I was, things came down!

I honestly thought she had fallen in the bathroom somehow... This is what I found instead....

So we've had issues with this towel rack since we moved in.... It wasn't tight to the wall and this is what happened, exactly what I thought would happen....

From what I gathered while Tyler looked at it, whoever put it up didn't hit a stud. In fact there's the pencil 'x' mark of where it was supposed to go in and then two attempts (holes) on either side of it! Imagine!


So a warning to you all who are building a house, check your towel racks before they attack your children!!!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nap Time Mischief

Schedule's around here have changed daily with us adjusting to Emma's school schedule and life with a Mommy who is still sick! *L*

Today's nap time came at 2:00pm... By 3pm I heard a little girl make her way to the washroom, nothing unusual.... But after I heard the toilet flush and no pitter patter of little feet back to her bed.... I got up!

*side note: getting up hurts. Laying down hurts. I have pain in every joint and muscle in my body.... BLAH! So getting up is a HUGE success for me today! *L*

I make my way around the corner only to find this:
Except that Zoë had toothpaste on her lips (yes, from munching on it!) and was holding the tube of it... The tube that has been "Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeezed" (Zoë was telling me this while we chatted about this situation on her bed).....
Oh dear!

I know, I know....

You're all on pins and needles waiting around for me to write the blog about Emma's first day of school (well, aren'tcha??!! *L*)....
I promise you, I'm working on it! Chelsey loaded all of the photos that she took of Emma yesterday morning and handed them over to me this morning! Geee! They're wonderful so now I'm trying to choose my favorites to place on here.... Or else you'll end up wit 55 photos! *L*
But for now here's this!

I came across this site today called Happy Worker.... Here's some info I got off of it!

Key Mom Stats:
2 billion in the World (82.5 million in the U.S.)
First-time Moms: Average age of new moms is 25, vs. 21 in 1970
Kids: Modern moms average 2 kids (1950s: 3.5 kids; 1700s: 7-10 kids)
4.3 babies are born each second

Working Moms:
72% of moms with children over 1 year old work (about the same as childless women) , vs. 39% in 1976
55% of moms with a child under 1 year old work, vs. 31% in 1976
Moms with a full-time job spend 13 hours working at the office or at home on family chores

Baby Chores:
Diaper Changes: 7,300 by baby's 2nd birthday
Diaper Changing Speed: Moms take 2 minutes, 5 seconds (adds up to 3 40-hour work weeks each year!) , vs. 1 minute, 36 seconds for dads
Giving Attention: Preschooler requires mom's attention once every 4 minutes or 210 times / day
Taking Care: Preschooler moms spend 2.7 hrs / day on primary childcare, vs. 1.2 hours for dads

Household Chores:
Chores: Women average 2.2 hrs / day, vs. 1.3 hrs / day for men
Laundry: 88% is done by moms, totaling 330 loads of laundry & 5,300 articles of clothing each year
Least Favorite Chore: Vacuuming the stairs

Bathroom Multi-Tasking for Moms: Reading is the most common activity, followed by talking on the phone, meditating, watching TV, drinking coffee, eating and balancing the checkbook

Mommy Records:
Most Kids: Mrs. Vassilyev of Russia gave birth to 69 children between 1725 and 1765
Oldest Mom: Rosanna Dalla Corte gave birth to a baby boy when she was 63 years old in Italy in 1994
Heaviest Newborn: Signora Carmelina Fedele gave birth to a 22 lb 8 oz boy in Italy in 1955

Mother's Day:
1st Mother's Day: May 10, 1908; Founded by Anna Jarvis; made a national holiday in 1914 by President Wilson
Busiest Phone Day: 68% of people plan to call Mom on Mother's Day, totaling 122.5 million phone calls
Card Giving: 50% of households give Mother's Day cards, totaling some 152 million cards
Misc Mommy & Baby Facts:
Most popular birth month: July
Most popular birth day: Tuesday
Most popular birthday: October 5
30 Pounds: Average weight gain during pregnancy
Baby Gender Gap: 105 boys born for every 100 girls
First Year Baby Costs: $7,000 of baby items before 1st birthday
Cost of Raising a Child: Middle-income families spend $242,070 to raise a kid to 18 (not incl. college!)
Most Popular Names of 21st Century:
Baby Girls: Emily, Madison, Hannah
Baby Boys: Jacob, Michael, Joshua
Research suggests that moms who give birth later in life, live longer
Having kids may make you smarter
When I read all of this I just had to share it with you all! Made me giggle... Especially when I realized I was born on a Tuesday in July! *LOL* Oh dear.....
On a whole other random topic, I watched one of my neighbours wash every inch of his car today... And I mean every inch of it! It took him between 1.5-2hours to wash this thing (and it's not a huge car!)..... I think he's been done maybe an hour and it's started to rain! *LOL* Oh goodness, isn't that always the way? So in a few hours it'll be rained on and dusty from the wind (as we have no protection from weather behind our houses, only farm land!)....
(Note: I didn't actually sit there and watch him the whole time... I had to much to do with writing this blog and working on Emma's School Blog! But I did check in on him from the comfort of my warm home!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well as I write this Emma will have been at her first day of Kindergarten for about an hour and a half....
On her own....
Without me....
Or Zoë....
Funny thing, I'm actually really excited to hear all about he first day (aka: Intro day of about 5 students)!

I'll write a blog about Emma's morning with ricephotography here (thanks Chels!) and how I got lost later on....
Once I hear about her day.
I'll also add in the part where Zoë expressed her feelings about this whole school thing....
More later!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sinus Infections.....

Hurts SOOOOOOO bad!
I'm sure you can guess what I have on the right side of my head. Like I said in an e-mail to my Mom, ..."If I could only rip out all of my teeth and my eyeball to relieve some pressure, I might actually consider it!"
Honestly have no clue how Tyler has dealt with this on both sides of his head..... BLAH!
Too much to do today with Emma starting school tomorrow.... I have no idea when I'll be getting to the Doctor... *sigh*
Anyhoo, just wanted to update everyone on how the Mommy is doing over here.
Now if you'll excuse me I need to try and get some sleep (as I haven't really all night from pain) and then pretend to look somewhat decent for today's activities.... *L*
Or I might just crawl under my blanket and pretend to die.....


....These hair cuts and color!

Honestly I prefer the dark colors... Esp. the second last photo! SOOOOO in love with it! So all I need to do now is continue to grow my hair out (BLAH!) or get hair extensions! *LOL*
I keep wanting to cut my hair shorter.... *sigh* But I have a goal.... I HAVE A GOAL!!! *L*

So fun! *sigh*..... Maybe I'll just do something dramatic with my hair for now and see if that can hold me over until I can do the main style I would like.....