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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday!

To Me!

Yup... 29!

So far I have gone to College, gotten married, had two children, become a wedding & event coordinator, run a dayhome, volunteered on the Parents' Association non-stop, am a photographer, volunteered on a sport executive, built a house, own three cats, bought a second home, renting current home... and own four (no, really) vehicles... Oy! *L* (Not in this particular order)

My Husband is currently up North at work... Both girls are asleep and I'm surrounded by a sea of boxes.... lol.

Just another "typical" day in our household... :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We're Moving!

YAY! The time has come for us to move.... Into our 'Dream Home' (with kids! *L*)...

We've been truly blessed to have come across such a house... It had every 'Need' we were looking for and most of our 'Wants' (unfortunately it doesn't come with a personal chef; maid; trainer; lawn boy.... lol).

And the best part? After years (yes, YEARS!) of looking on my part I finally opened up our search to a new City.... And there we have it, the second house we walked into! *L* What are the odds? We were the first to call, first to view and the people that the sellers felt were right, right off the bat! Yay!

Now for the scary part.... Possession date is Friday, August 3rd.... Totally wasn't ready for it to be a month and a half away! *L*

Packing is insane! Of course Alberta is under the one-week-for-the-year heat wave this week (sorting, tossing, donating, cleaning/scrubbing, packing, two kids, three cats and no air conditioning.... Oh, and missing the sun as indoors is where all the action is happening right now.... *sigh*)..... lol. But whatever, I'll take it as this house is perfect (yup, there, I used the word!).


 Our New Home!
 Front Living Room (ghost not included in sale)
 Dining Room
 Guest Bath
 Family Room
 Kid Room
 Kid Room
 Kid Bathroom
Master Bedroom 
Guest Bedroom 
Basement Living Space (AKA: Kid art/reading space) 
 THE yard!
 Standing in one location for the next few...

A third of an acre IN the City! Whoo Hoo!

Needs: Minimum three bedrooms, fully finished basement, big yard (enough space for a trampoline), garage (at least a double), near great schools, great neighborhood, no smaller then we're currently in (1200sq.ft.).... And not to be able to reach out and touch our neighbours! (You'd be amazed at how hard this is nowadays!)...

Wants: Separate dining room to host family/friend gatherings, spare room for guests, cold storage, RV parking, if possible a separate family room...

As you can tell we hit the lottery with this house and then some! I'm so stinking excited to get into it and have people over (just step over the boxes and make your way to the yard!!! *L*)....

*We have cold storage and such in the basement (huge!)... The family room is on a level of it's own and that's what is under it! And an added bonus is that the garage has access to the house without going outside (yes, we looked at many houses that you had to walk around to the front door to get in! *L*)...

BBQ's, tenting, trampoline, gazebos, etc.... RV parking and then some.... A garden.... A shed... Landscaped! GEEEEE!
The house is so big we don't have enough furniture to fill it, which is an awesome situation to be in considering! *L*

The kids rooms have wood flooring (they currently have carpet laying on it), which I'm REALLY excited for! The master bedroom is huge! It looks over the back yard which is nice considering I'm going to miss the farmers fields here....

I am going to miss this current home... It's been good to us... The girls have grown here and know everyone at school. They've had most of the same kids in their classes since they (Emma) started four years ago... And the views here are amazing... But we're ready for the move to the new City... New friends, closer to family, and honestly, that yard!!!! *L*

Now.... Back to packing (which reminds me, I was going through my blog today and found this from when we were packing to move to this house! lol)...

Thunder rolls in....

And brings a pretty light show with it!

3:20am looking down our street.

(Click photo for full image!)