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Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm strolling through Used Edmonton today (a wonderful sight just like craigslist) when I came across this ad:

"The Wristband That Will Speak For Your Child When They Are Unable To Speak For Themselves

Our Medical Wristbands are great for children with medical conditions like allergies, asthma, epilepsy and diabetes. Unlike medical bracelets that have only enough room for approximately 30 characters, there is enough space on our card inserts to list your child's medical condition, any medications they are taking, two emergency contacts, and other information specific to them. This information is accessible immediately when an emergency arises.

The outside of our Medical Wristband features the internationally recognized Medical Emblem and the phrase “Vital I.D. Inside” so that if an emergency arises, medical personnel will know to look there for important information.

Our Vital I.D. Wristbands feature our adorable Lovable Labels Bear and are great for when you are on vacation, at the park or simply out shopping. The contact information is on the inside where it can't be viewed until it is needed. A great tool (especially when you have younger children who can't speak for themselves) if you and your child ever get separated.

Both Wristbands come in 6 fun colors and are waterproof and safe to wear while playing sports. These wristbands are an affordable (and fun!!) alternative to costly medical bracelets. The best thing is that kids WANT to wear them. Perfect for day-to-day wear, going away to camp, and while on outings or vacation.

Get yours today at:



What an amazing thing! I might just grab some for my own children (although no major known allergies have come up -just lactose free-) for times when they're on a medicine schedule.... as well as some for my dayhome (more of a reminder for me if the kids have allergies or need medicine at a certain time while in my care)! AND I live in Canada! Score! *L*

Let me know what you think!

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