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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shingles Vs. Wind

So it's a bit windy out here in Leduc....
You probably shouldn't see the "wave" happening with you shingles...
These shingles stuck close to home... Our front yard.
And these ones ended up on our neighbors yard...
Other random crap that is blowing around...
So far we have:
->Retrieved our garabage can from our neighbors deck
->Retrieved a bog of can we had on our neck from our neighbors yard
->Flipped our (very heavy) BBQ back upright
->Retrieved some random persons drian spout part of their eves thingy (from the side of yoru house) from our deck bars. Not sure who it belongs to yet.
-> Had our neighbors on our other side retrieve their grabage can after it stopped itself by hitting into our car.
-> Had shingles (I'm guessing) go down the side of our huge side window above our stairs and scrath the heck out of it (imagine what is happening to my siding!)
-> Had two neighbors at two different times come to let us know that our shingles are in their yard... One is many houses away!
I'll update the list as things happen!


Sarah said...

oh my!!! You should definetely bug your builder about the shingles, they obviously weren't put on very good! *sigh* - well at least your getting your workout today! haha.

ZogLady said...

Huh. Yeah. No contact with the builder until Monday... Grr... No emeregency number.

Not the first time this has happend. Remember when only one section started to lift and they claimed they fixed it... HA!