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Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Fridays Part 1

So here I am checking out Rhonda's page, Because Mom Said So, when I've noticed that she's done something really neat....

Her post today was titled 'Friday Flashback' (which, I guess, she got the idea from her friend Dana at Tutu Monkey)....


I have hundreds... No make that thousands of photos kicking around that I plan to one day scrapbook (insert laughter here).... So this seems like a wonderful way to get a kick start into that... Blogger style!

As we all know, I do LOVE to share any photos that I have of my family!

So I too am jumping on the bandwagon and introducing 'Friday Flashback' (or as I put it Flashback Friday's).... Will you jump on too?

Flashback Friday
This was taken in the Spring of 2007. Zoë, Emma and myself had gone to a Mom's group in the morning on the other side of the city... Afterwards we thought we would stop by and visit the Great-Grandparents! Well let me tell you... My girls were outside digging in the dirt, checking out the new deck and wanting to help clean-up the BBQ!
Zoë got a bit dirtier then Emma, of course. And nothing has really changed since! *L*

I love how Zoë looks in this photo.... It's still true to today!

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