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Friday, October 17, 2008


It's not very often that I look at a photo of myself and am.... Speechless.

Believe me, this is odd.

But today the nearly impossible happened.... I saw a photo from my recent photo shoot that I did on October 11th. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time with three amazingly talented photographers, Chelsey (Rice Photography), Nikole (Nikole Bordato Photography) and Ami (Photography by Ami).

This particular photo was posed by Nikole and taken by Chelsey.... And it stole my breath... Not just took it away but stole it! When I got to Chelsey's web page I took a quick glance at the photo and then caught myself staring at this beautiful women. I loved her hair color... And how her hand was placed... The softness to the edgy look... And then I realized, it's me!

I'm not here to brag about how I look.... Quite honestly I usually feel like crap.... Trying my best to make myself feel somewhat out of the "SAHM" category by putting on some eyeshadow and blush (only if I have enough time to though!)... And if I'm really lucky, or a bit selfish, I'll do something with my hair....

But it sure made me feel amazing to look at a beautiful photo and realize "That's Me!"...

I strongly suggest every one to go out with a friend and take photos of each other with no major plans except to take photos. It's so wonderful to see the creativity that comes out of random photos that friends (professional photographers or not!) take of each other.

And maybe, just maybe, you'll see that 'someone you used to know' inside a photo of yourself!

(It was chilly, hence the goosebumps!)


Jesslikesstuff said...

That is a gorgeous photo! Is that your real hair colour now? It's awesome!! You look amazing. And seriously, in all of the photos I see of you, I would never put you in the "typical" SAHM category!

Rhonda said...

Mista, you are beautiful. I mean, those are very well done portraits.

"Stolen" or not. Hehe.