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Thursday, October 30, 2008


So today I filled up my car with gas.... Today is payday so my Husband and I make a point to rush out and fill up as soon as we can before our money ends up elsewhere (ya know.... Like.... Bills)....

As I stood there filling up my car I played hand games with Zoë through her window.....
And then....
It stopped....
Imagine! $43.00!!!
Yes, it's true... I'm excited for a $43.00 bill. I mean in all honestly I still think that that price is sickening.... But for the past while we'd been filling our car and van and they were only about $1 off of each other.... Ringing in at $70-$80 a week.
So $43.00 seemed like a mini blessing!

I was so excited that I smiled the whole way home and couldn't wait to tell my gas filling up price to my Husband when I saw him next!

And the really funny part... We both agreed that it's still a gross price to pay but we're happy that it was only $43.00!
Ha, Ha, Ha....
We may need help!


Sarah said...

SO true!! I've been thrilled when filling up my care! - but still...expensive! lol!

The Cahoon Family said...

I hear ya!! It's so wonderful to actually have the price less than the # of litres you got. AMAZING!!

Rhonda said...

I would love to fill up for only 48. I own a 38 tank Suburban. I dont think I will EVER see another 48. fill up.