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Monday, October 27, 2008

Shingles Vs. Wind - Part 3

Well... It's 11:00am.... My Builder still hasn't called me (even after our phone message and e-mail of actual video footage of our shingles in the wind...)...

For some reason I thought they would be jumping on this 'issue' ASAP.



Sarah said...

wow!! Those shingles certainly didn't want to stay on hey!?!?
Did any of your other neighbors lose shingleS!?

ZogLady said...

The nieghbors attached to us didn't have issues. Nor any of the one's down our street, Across the street from us some shingles curled but that was about it.

We were hit the hardest. Yippee!

I just think that it;s so stupid that we lost so many shingles (we hadn't even lost half of them in this video).... When they apparently had fixed the problem months ago when we called about our shingles lifiting up in light wid... We nenver saw anyone come out and fix them... And I'm home often!


Rebecca Talley said...

Been there, done that. So many of our shingles flew off that we had to have the entire house re-roofed. We put on a heavy-duty shingle (can't remember the name) and haven't had any problems.

Big, huge bummer.