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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shingles Vs. Wind - Part 2

Tyler collected a few of the shingles that took flight off of our house.... Made it 5 houses down (and quite possibly more, this was all he could find in a calm break):

I have had to move Emma into Zoë's room as the major part of the 'wave' banging from the shingles is right over Emma's bedroom. Sweet huh??! You can hear the 'wave' (as I like to call it) throughout the whole house... And our neighbors can hear it in their house as well (lucky us for the next few days).....

I predict a few days of no sleep (as the girls aren't used to sharing a room)... And a lot of trouble on Monday dealing with the Builder.

The funny thing? A few days ago in the mail we received our survey on how our experience has been with our builder. We have to rate them... And it's a huge deal! *LOL*


OH! AND it snowed. Yippee!

UPDATE 6:30pm: So I went for a quick stroll around our neighborhood... Found two more sheets of our shingles. Lovely color, just wish they would stay stuck to our dang home!


Who feels like the loser of the hood??!! I do, I DO!

1 comment:

The Cahoon Family said...

oh gee....hope that you guys have an easier go once that's fixed. It's funny how life just doesn't get easier. You're just starting to feel in control and then something else happens. Good luck with the girls rooming together....that's always fun