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Friday, October 3, 2008

My Promise to Jessica!

Okay so I'm going to make this long story quite short as I got caught up reading 'Eclipse' and totally lost track of time.

To Jess: None of my shows were on tonight (weird??!) so I picked up my book instead... Hence where I lost track of time... Honestly! Tyler came home about 11pm and I still hadn't put the kids to bed! *LOL* Although they had their PJ's on, Teeth brushed and such... But those are things they do themselves! *L*

I was offered this wonderful opportunity to open a dayhome for these two great children... There's a TON of great reasons to do so (money, friends for the girls, etc.) but there's also a ton of Con's to go along (schedule's of their preschool and when I have to drop Emma off at school, driving, winter weather coming -scraping windows!, diapers -we're TOTALLY potty trained here!, shift working Husband ...).

I had the interview today (ummm.... It's 1:56AM, so I guess yesterday) with the mother and her two children (we made the appointment at our house with enough time for Emma to be able to still get to school on time)... It was great! And I honestly think she'd really like to have me look after her children (even though she's still interviewing other dayhomes that are totally prepared for this... I'm not, and I'm quite upfront about that!).... But I have to be prepared to pick her oldest up from Preschool three times a week at 11:30am and then have Emma at her school by 12pm. Doable but not that great when I have to consider hauling a 9 month old, Zoe and Emma to the van (scraping windows and -40!), rushing to get her oldest and then dropping Emma off right after. And it's not even a loop.... I'd have to backtrack and then take a whole different road just to get to Emma's school.

Now, granted, Leduc is much, much smaller then Edmonton. So to get across town is a whole 15 minutes taking your time! But do I want to be that responsible for other people's children in my car at that distance?

I'm talking to lawyers to make up my contracts! *L*

Anyways... All of the dayhome Mom's from Emma's class say not to do it. It would be different if they were going to Emma's school or the one attached to it.... I'm already going to be there so no extra cost in gas or stress on my part....

We'll see. The extra $1400 a month would be nice though.....

On another note: So I opened a dayhome! *LOL* It's called "Zoggies Dayhome".... I thought it was neat. I haven't gone public with it.... Still figuring out contracts (so many!), prices, rules, etc. And I still need to get our basement done to a point that parents might not run away screaming "Boxes shall kill my child!!!"....


Okay so it's not that bad... But there are a ton of boxes in the back half of my basement... Where no child will go even if they weren't there. My office space and the laundry room... I mean really!
I'll keep you posted on Zoggies Dayhome!

So that's the quick updated version of my last few days (since Bridal Expo.... Which I also need to blog about... How on earth did I get SO behind??!!)

Promise Kept! :D


Jesslikesstuff said...

hahaha yay! I feel caught up :). Zoggies Dayhome. I like it! So, you've opened the dayhome, you're just not sure about taking on those 2 particular kids? Is that right? Well I get teh feeling you won't have trouble finding other kids if those 2 don't work out! And $1400 a month! Hello! You guys could save up and go on a tropical vacation or something!!! That would be so wonderful for you :). Definitely keep me posted!!!

Sarah said...

Wow!! So, you've decided to do it hey!? At least the dayhome part...it's a neat idea - and some extra cash, so that's a bonus!

tee hee, Zoggies dayhome. I love it!! :-) You should put ads on kijiji n'stuff!! FUN! :-D

Keep my updated too! We'll catch up tonight. I'll be at your place around 7!

Anonymous said...

extra cash is good, but still. you're crazy. i love you and all, but you're nuts. that is all.

okay, that's not all. ryan would like to say that you are NOT crazy, you're a stage manager. so you can obviously do this and be fine. :o)

ZogLady said...

*LOL* Awww Heather.... And Ryan.... Too funny... Maybe that is it! *L*

Thanks everyone... I hope I can handle this. I of course would be takaing all holidays off, Christmas breaks (unless we're kicking around here... Then I could make some sweet Christmas cash! *L*) and Summer Break off. I think I would do drop-in during the sumemr if I don't have anything else scheduled... We'll see!

I've been keeping up-to-date with all the dayhome Mom's at Emma's school... trying to soak up as much information as I can (like a sponge!)...

I'll keep you all posted!

~The Insane One! *L*