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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Please... DON'T sue!

We'd like to apologize for any harm that may have come to you this day.

We're sure all you wanted to do was take your tiny breed dog for a quick walk down the block for them to get some exercise and pee..... When out of nowhere a sheet of shingle squished your beloved animal to near death (*fingers crossed* that it's on the better half of 'near'!)....

We're sure all you were doing was running to your car to grab some extra change for the pizza guy (for who would drive in 90+km/hr wind??!) when you were smacked right across the head with a flying chunk of shingle....

We're sure that your house, siding, windows, door, railings, cars, animals and whatnot were minding their own dang business when some form of of roofing material ended up hitting, rubbing, wreaking something of yours.

And for the above, we'd like to send you our sincere apologies.

Please feel free to give our Builder a call..... And let them know of your frustrations as ours may not be enough for them to understand...

So far we have a scratched up, huge side window from shingles scratching down it.... A wreaked roof.... Missing shingles (that kindly scattered our neighborhood).... And frustrations that go beyond words.

Thank you for your time.... And we truly do hope that everything recovers, buffs out, etc. well!

Your Roofing-Shingle-Attacking-Neighbors.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

wow....the shingles attacked your neighbors hey?? Jeez! That pile is huge! Your builder better step up and fix them!! In fact...They have to. Shingles are a warranty item!

It so SUCKS that this happened! I hope your hot hot shower helped! ;-)