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Friday, February 8, 2008

Winter Weather Part.... 3??!

Ugh. It was starting to get a bit calmer (wind-wise) and then all of a sudden

Wind chill warnings and such kick in again!
Ugh! Late last night the snow drift winds began.... Tonight they're calling for a low of -23 with Flurries, then overnight -36! I have no clue how Tyler can work outside in this horrible weather... I suppose it's because he doesn't have much choice.....

Tomorrow morning it's supposed to be -28 in the afternoon.... Yippee??!
We were supposed to be skiing, snowboarding and toboganning tomorrow for free through Tyler's Union.... But they cancelled it until March seeing that it's soooooo cold! (Which then reminded me that I don't have snowpants.... Huh). So instead Tyler will be working his usual night shift.... Blah!

Silly weather.

A cold looking pedestrian crosses 108st with the Alberta legislative building in the background as the temperature hovered around -30 on Monday afternoon.John Lucas, Edmonton Journal

Traffic bunched up all over the city of Edmonton Monday morning as crews and equipment plowed the roads after a cold, snowy and windy weekend. This grader was at 85 Street and 98 Ave.Brian Gavriloff, Edmonton Journal

Mailman Gregory Villner has been delivering mail for 21 years even in weather like today's where it reached -30C degrees or -45C degrees with the wind chill factor . He was spotted in the Strathern area.Brian Gavriloff, Edmonton Journal

Cold arctic air has invaded Edmonton with temperatures in the -30 C with wind chills in the -45 C with blowing snow. Bryana Perreaux standing at a bus stop along 109 St. near 72 Ave. maintains a brave front.Ed Kaiser, Edmonton Journal

Roger Drobot walks past a Billboard promoting travel to Cuba while spotted along 96 street at 102 avenue Sunday morning.Walter Tychnowicz/Edmonton Journal

***I chose this one for Jessica..... She'll understand why! *L* ***

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