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Thursday, February 14, 2008


IT'S HERE.....IT'S HERE!!!!!


Can you tell that I'm excited??!! I have no clue when Tyler will give me my gift.... And if he decided not to do it until after we sleep..... Well I'm going to look pretty crappy in our family photos tomorrow morning as I won't get any sleep!!! *L*

Tonight after the girls had done their bedtime routine, prayed and were getting into bed we realized that they hadn't signed their cards for Daddy yet! Emma has been working very hard at spelling this past week.... She can now spell 'cup' without thinking about it... As well as her name and 'Elmo'... *L* If you tell her the letters to a word she can spell it and if there is any struggle you write it down and she copies like a pro! It's amazing what can happen in a week's time! Anyways back on track, this was the first year where I didn't have to help Emma sign her own card for Daddy! I handed her the card, wrote on another paper 'To Daddy' (just in case she needed help as it was way late for her) and 'Love Emma' and off she went! I'll take photos tomorrow so you can all see her work that she's so proud of! :) Later I wrote 'Happy Valentine's Day' on the separate paper and she copied it onto the envelope wonderfully! I'm so proud of her! Zoë in the meantime wrote on her own card in her own language and I was happy to let her do so. She concentrated so hard on her 'Daddy', 'Love Zoë' that I just didn't have the heart to even write the translation on the card for Tyler! *L* It was adorable!
So now the gifts are wrapped, cards sealed and all I need is everyone to go to sleep so I can set up their gifts to wake up to tomorrow morning.... And then we'll head out to do Family photos with Chelsey as our photographer! Yay!


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