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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stuff on my mind... AKA: What happened today!

This about sums it up:

Zoë was in the bathroom playing with the flash on their camera (no film) with the door partially closed. Emma decided that she should be in there as well and pushed on the door. It wouldn't move, so she pushed harder.... To the point that Zoe, who was standing on the otherside of the door, ended up with her toes under the door and all of Emma weight on the door....

A few skinned toes, a 'sorry' from her big sister and many, many hugs from Mommy and we were much better!

Okay so my girls don't drink pop.... Or play with scissors.... But I can relate to this everyday! To this dayI often have no clue where my big ice cube trays are. The other day the girls and I went to make muffins and I actually had to ask Emma to go and find the muffin tray since she knew where it was! *L* As of yesterday I've 'lost' my only two mixing spoons.... *sigh*

BATH TIME! Oh yes.... My girls LOVE their bath... I mean really, what kid doesn't??! And since the girls cut their hair, Zoë will now allow me to wash her hair without a freak out! Yay! While I was drying Emma off I had my back turned away from Zoë..... She was sitting in the tub with the shower wand going... *ahem* to which she picked up, totally missed the shower curtain and SOAKED me! *LOL*

And then it was bedtime! *L*

This really doesn't have anything to do with my girls.... But I did happend to find the time to organize ALL of my wedding stuff! Yay!

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