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Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday Planning -Zoë

I'm behind schedule....Sort of.

For most people planning a July birthday still wouldn't be in the works.... but the day after Zoë's last birthday I caught myself laying in bed thinking 'Now what??!'..... I decided to take some time off to focus on Emma's birthday (which was a struggle of its own! Ugh!) and now I really need to get into full planning for Zoë.

July is an insane time in our household. First off it's wedding season... Then we have Tyler's and my anniversary, Zoë's birthday and my birthday. Then just to throw in more to the mix, Tyler's parents and my grandparents' anniversaries are on the same day in July! *L*

Oh yeah, and we will have moved to our new home in Leduc. Yes, Leduc! This small detail will be fun in deciding where to have Zoë's party.

I do have a few things 'decided'... *L*... I laugh at this because it's just the cake that Zoë would like.... Here it is:


Yeah....I'll just get right on that.... Off to Janna I go! *L*

So now all that's left is:

Grab Bags

This should be a cinch!

Ideas that I've come across are:

Backyardigans Birthday Party
Cinderella Party*
Daisy Smiles
Disney Princesses Party*
Dora the Explorer Party
Dress-Up Party*
Farm Animals Party**
Summer Garden Party
Royal Princess Party*
Zoo Party***

*Boys would be Knights or a Prince
**Maybe actually go to a farm!
***Go to the zoo.... Limited amount of people though...

Any ideas will kindly be accepted... And please keep in mind that I will also be working weddings every weekend in July, sometimes two a weekend.... So the exact day of the birthday may not be on a Saturday....



Jesslikesstuff said...

Not sure how much it would cost but a gymnastics party is a great idea for that age. You can hold it at a gymnastics place and the kids get an hour of instruction/play time in a gym and then usually they have a party room on-site for cake and presents and whatnot. Not sure on the cost but I'm guessing it's about the same as any big theme party!

If you want to keep it at home what about a water party since it's the summer? Get a slip n' slide thing with a hose, a couple of inflatable kiddie pools, one of those sprinklers that spins in circles and set it all up in the backyard and let the kids splash around. Nothing better than little kids, cold water and a hot day!

ZogLady said...

Oh yeah! I have gymnastics put aside for Emma's next birthday party since she's in December.... Unless I come across something else..... (Great idea!)

Water parties we've done a few times now for Zoë.... And we just rented a pool for Emma's last birthday..... And our yard will be MUCH smaller which is a new issue for us! *L* There's this cool indoor gym place for young children (about Zoë's age) which I think mioght be a good idea.... And they do the set-up and take down! *L* I usually enjoy doing all of 'it' but I just won't have time this year! :(