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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..." ~Susan Polis Shutz

We started today off like this:



And ended it like this:


Just for a re-cap:

Zoë before and after photos

Emma before and after photos

Yup! Emma picked out her beautiful hair cut all on her own... And I LOVE it! Zoë had a little help from Mommy.... And I love hers too! It's so her!!! *L* And bangs on my girls! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

(Can you tell I was excited for today? I hardly slept last night, it was like waiting for Christmas as a kid!)


Jesslikesstuff said...

Love the cuts! Emma looks like a different person! Very mature! I can't believe she picked that out for herself. I'm impressed :). Do you keep little bits of their hair for posterity? I swear my mom has a box full of my 2 year old hair and my baby teeth...kinda gross but kinda cute too ;)

ZogLady said...

I have a clipping of hair from every hair appointment Emma (and now Zoë!) has had..... I have no clue when I'll stop doing this! *L*

Oh yes, teeth! Ha, Ha, Ha... I can't wait for that to start! :P

Yeah.... Tyler keeps mentioning how much older Emma looks now! I think it kind of weirds him out... I think it's great! *L* And hey, now we have an idea of a hair style for first day of Kindergarten! :D

Anonymous said...

wow! love emma with bangs!

ZogLady said...

Cute hey?? Bangs... *L* I hate them on me, but they're adorable on her!