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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The last few days.... And playdates!

I'll start with today as it's happening right now.... *L*
A cute, quiet little girl named Eleanor came over today while her Mommy and Daddy's work schedules overlapped.... And the girls have been having SO much fun! They went downstairs to the girls big bedroom and played sleepover and such... Eleanor gets excited when the cats walk by with a cute squeal but still isn't sure about petting them....
I believe Eleanor is 3 so she fits right in with our girls ages (4 and 2.5).... They've been all over the house where there is some room (as there are boxes everywhere!). Right now Zoë and Eleanor are watching 'Finding Nemo' while Emma takes a much needed nap (after a much un-desired fit -kicking, screaming, etc.)....
After dealing with Emma I came out to find that Zoë had kindly placed art on herself..... 'Fishes' as she informed me...
Doesn't this look like a mug-shot?! *L*
Moving on....
Yesterday (I think) I checked in on Emma who was having a really deep-sleep nap.... This is what I found:
She's sleeping the width way at the head of the bed... She was pinned right up against the metal bar... You should have seen the mark on her face right after I moved her after this shot!
This past Saturday Emma has her Primary Activity Day.... I wasn't sure what was going to be happening but I hauled her and Zoe out to it for 10am (it ran until 12pm).... They had a TON of fun! Zoë was way more into it then Emma... Not really sure why... Emma just didn't feel like playing in any of the games.... But they did make cupcakes! Icing and all! They made one for them and one for Daddy (isn't he lucky??!!)... Here's the photo I sent to Daddy who was at work:
They even made the sticks!
I'll write more about the weekend later tonight!

1 comment:

Jesslikesstuff said...

I love Zoe's mug shot LOL! That was a lot of cuteness in one blog post :D