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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I forgot!

This post is on behalf of Emma.......

As some of you may know, Emma was a good sized baby when she was born.... She weighed in at 9lbs 2oz all the while I was measuring small (I'm 5'1 and a bit" and was around 100lbs when I first found out we were having Emma)... But then she thinned out to a point where I was informed that she had 'failure to thrive' (thank you home visit nurse).... Well long story short, she didn't (thank goodness!), she just took after her Daddy!

We joke that Emma had 'T-Rex arms' when little as she never did crawl and could never hold her own body weight up! Weight gain wasn't something that happened often (growth in height, oh yes!)... In fact when we had Zoe (who started at 9lbs 5oz) she eventually would use her weight against Emma in fights (eg: sitting on her older sister once she had already punched her in the face for some-and-some reason..... *sigh*) since she weighed more!

Well last week everything changed.... I think it came with the warm wind... Emma became heavy enough this past week to use an actual booster seat (which I bought her ages ago in hopes to maybe sell her 3-1 as Daddy isn't a huge fan of how bulky it is... I love them! Anyways....)!!! Daddy took Emma to the store this week in the car (we always travel in the van with the girls as their seats are in there) and she got to use the 'big person seat belt!'.... "Just like Mommy and Daddy!"

I asked Daddy to take some photos, here they are:

Just your typical booster seat with two cup holders that fold to storage under the seat as well there's arm rests!

Emma's so adorable! She says this seat doesn't hurt her lower back as much.... Awesome!

And in case some are wondering, the red clip on the seat belt by her shoulder is to keep it out of her face and tight against her... So, ya know, it works properly!


Rhonda said...

I so enjoy your blog. Sorry about stalking... however, I want to weigh in on that failure to thrive mis-diagnoses. If you happen upon my blog and notice my daughter Rachel, the one being married this summer... she was also a "failure to thrive"!!! Give me a break! She was always below the charts and never, until she turned 10, was over 10%.

So, here's to healthy little kids... even the skinny ones!

Jesslikesstuff said...

So cool! What a big girl. I bet Zoe's excited for her turn to get a booster seat now :)!