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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heart Day Wonderings

I have no clue what Tyler is getting me for Valentine's Day.... He's had it for awhile now... And it's driving me nuts!!!


Usually Valentine's Day is something that we make sure to say 'Love you' on (as with every other day that we're on this earth!), and maybe get something little.... Tyler may have gotten me something amazing one year but honestly, I can't remember! *L* Isn't that horrible?

I'd be thrilled if he worked with the girls on making a card (or heck, buying one!) for me from the girls.... I remember growing up and my Mom used to say to me 'the best gifts are the ones from the heart'..... Now 24 years later I completely understand. During my 'growing up teen years' I always wanted the semi-expensive, fun, entertaining stuff that was new and out there. I'd drool over the newest 'Peoples', 'Ben Moss', etc. flyers that would fill our mailbox every day leading up to 'the most romantic day of the year'......

Those days have past.... Just the thought of breakfast in bed, homemade cards and gifts (or dollar store gifts from the girls), a day to sleep in..... Sounds wonderful to me!

Is that so wrong? Have a lost a little bit of myself? Or have I grown as an individual and parent?

And is it really bad if I secretly hope that Tyler has gotten me something like a couples massage, jewelry, etc??! *L*

1 comment:

Jesslikesstuff said...

Oooh well I hope Tyler got you something awesome! I also think it shows maturity and good-mommying that you hope for the homemade stuff. That's so sweet! I'm really looking forward to hearing about what your hubby does for you on heart day!