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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you..... :P

I would like to give a big 'thank you' to my friends Sarah and Conor....

Tonight, or last night depending on how you look at this as it's well after midnight, they introduced my wonderful Husband tot he amazing world of 'Fantastic Contraption'....

No, no.... Minds out of the gutter please.... *L* My Husband, Tyler, stopped by after work, umm... yesterday to talk business with Conor (they're in business together if you didn't gather that) and such.... While there (from what I was informed between moments of this wonderful site) Conor introduced Tyler to this site called, 'Fantastic Contraption'....

When Tyler got home we headed out for a quick dinner as a family and then off for some quick shopping (I must blog about this after some sleep!).... All after spending some quality time with our neighbors!

Once the girls were just about ready for bed I noticed that Tyler hopped on the computer pretty quickly.... Odd. You see in our relationship I'm the computer user.... Me... It's MY computer... *L* I mean.... Our computer that I use constantly..... *ahem*

Anyhoo.... We get the girls tucked into bed and he's right back at the computer.... Now I can't remember when he explained this site to me... Before or after the girls were in bed but as soon as I saw it I knew, I KNEW we were in for a long night!


It's an awesome site! Totally check it out, but make sure you have some 'spare time' kicking around to do so! As the site advertises it's "A fun online physics puzzle game". And it is!

SO fun that my Husband, who is on his day shift this week and needs to be out of bed by 6am, didn't get to bed until 3am. Why do I know this? Because my alarm went off at 3am for me to take my Med's for this silly Sinus Infection that is still hanging around.... And he was just getting into bed!


So I'd like to thank my good friends Sarah and Conor (okay so maybe I should start with Conor and then Sarah but I'm used to writing it this way) for introducing my Husband to this wonderful site that he oh-so-loves! *L* Now..... I need to buy a lap top so I can still blog (as that's the real issue with all of this..... And you thought it was about the lack of sleep and health issues that will come with it... HA!)


1 comment:

Sarah said...

bwahahahaha!!! Oh goodness...

I'm SO SORRY! I knew knew knew that would happen! LOL!

And it's all Conor's fault!! Tyler was standing in the doorway, waiting for Conor to help him with getting stuff into the garage - but Conor was playing his game, and just HAD to show Tyler! In the meantime, I was waiting for them to finish, so we could head to the grocery store, to get the rest of the ingredients I needed to dinner.

45 minutes later - I finally convinced them to stop!! haha!...

So yes - You need another computer, your husband will be hogging it. *sigh* I'M SORRY!!! ;-)