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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nap Time Mischief

Schedule's around here have changed daily with us adjusting to Emma's school schedule and life with a Mommy who is still sick! *L*

Today's nap time came at 2:00pm... By 3pm I heard a little girl make her way to the washroom, nothing unusual.... But after I heard the toilet flush and no pitter patter of little feet back to her bed.... I got up!

*side note: getting up hurts. Laying down hurts. I have pain in every joint and muscle in my body.... BLAH! So getting up is a HUGE success for me today! *L*

I make my way around the corner only to find this:
Except that Zoë had toothpaste on her lips (yes, from munching on it!) and was holding the tube of it... The tube that has been "Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeezed" (Zoë was telling me this while we chatted about this situation on her bed).....
Oh dear!

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