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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Fly...

And it's friends.

We had the Missionaries over for dinner tonight (Yay!) and at some point our screen door on our sliding doors was left open.... Every since then we've been dive-bombed by three annoying flies!


I swear (oh yes!) if this sucker doesn't die by the time I'm ready to get some good non-bugged sleep I'll kill it with my own teeth!

(My cats have been doing an awesome job of near-catches all night)......

Otherwise I may have to invest in one of these.... It's called "The Fly Catcher" and it's awesome.... AND funny! *L*

Definitely check out the site! TOOOOO funny, let me know what you think!


Rhonda said...

I remember living in Colorado and ALWAYS having a fly problem. Not so much here in CT, just mosquitoes.

That thing looks hilarious.

L said...

I love The Fly Cather... and for when you're feeling interactive, the Electric Fly & Wasp Swatter: www.eurocosm.com/Application/Products/Electro-swat/electro-swat-GB.asp