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Friday, September 19, 2008

4 young girls +a Husband on night shift =

One fun day!
And it's only been 3.5 hours!
Yesterday my Hubby was on Facebook (imagine that!) and noticed that our neighbor down the street had changed her status to "Dori-lyn is waiting for Warren to return so I can take him to emerg to see if his ankle is broken...yikes."
Oh yes! When I was driving back from dropping Emma off at school I drove past Dori-Lyn and her Husband.....
For most normal people this wouldn't seem to odd... But I know that her Husband tends to be sent out of town for a week at a time... And it's the middle of the week!
So when I get home I'm informed that Tyler has said to Dori-lyn that if she needs any help at all with her two girls (I've written about them before... Their oldest is a few years older then Emma and then their youngest is the same age as Emma), we'd be willing to do so!
Awesome! I'm actually quite happy to help out.... And it's fun for my girls! They love, love, LOVE playing with Dori's two girls!
What Tyler didn't know was that Dori-lyn needed to be at a class for about 8am, so her little ones would be here at 7:30am...
And he's on night shift....
So he needs to sleep....
During the day....
Which leaves the Wife to be up before 7:30am to make sure the house is some what ready for other little hands and feet to be here!
Too funny.
Thankfully Dori's kids are wonderful little girls. They follow the rules, and the oldest even helps out A LOT with the younger ones. Good thing she's used to having a younger sister!
Emma woke up between 7:45-8am (which is REALLY early for my kids!) with Zoë not far behind her.
It's currently 11:06am.
My kids had breakfast (Dori fed her kids before coming here), and now all the kids have had a snack.
My Husband is still asleep.
I am very, very grateful to be in this wonderful house that allows children to be in their play space in the basement (two levels down from the bedrooms!) as well as on the main floor and their rooms.
I'm also grateful that I forgot to close my bedroom window last night as it seems to be acting as white noise for my Hubby. He hasn't heard much of the girls (Yay!)....
As well, I'm happy to hear that Doris Husband did not break his foot... Just a really bad sprain! (Not fun either, but better then the other option!)
Here's some photos that I took this morning.... Sorry for the bad quality... Quick photos with one eye open (sleepy!) doesn't always turn out as well as you think it will.
Rebecca and Brooke Playing with Zoë's tools
Zoë after saying "It's okay for you guys to play with my tools!" (Thsi is a very nice thing for her to do as she's quite protective over her tools!)
More playing...
Emma coloring... Her favorite thing to do as of now...
Rebecca and Brooke goofing around in our front room.
Zoë having a snack.
More coloring.
Rebecca was laying on the ground while Brooke jumped over her at full speed! *L*
Emma got into it as well!
Brooke, Rebecca and Emma. Zoë ran away when I pulled out my camera!
That's all for now!

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