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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good Afternoon??!

So how did your afternoon start today? Lunch? Chats with friends? Work? Laundry? *L*


With a bang... A LOUD bang!

You see... I'd been asking Tyler for days now to go and see our house... I hear that my dishwasher had been installed and just had to see it!!! *L* Dorky yes, but I've NEVER lived in a house with one! This is HUGE for me!!! *L*

Anyways, we had a viewing of the house we're in this morning from 10-11am so we left before then and grabbed some breakfast as a family of four! Imagine! (Tyler is working nights right now)... The we went to Caster Town where Tyler picked up the four caster needed to make his dolly type of thing to move the playhouse we placed in the yard last year (it weighs about 600lbs and is on stilts... I'll post photos below...)... After that we went for a drive... That's what Tyler said we were doing... And we ended up in Leduc! YAY! I have the best Husband around!!!

So we're driving down the main street not far from our neighborhood when a van in oncoming traffic decided to turn left right in front of us...


My poor, poor van.... My poor, poor children! Emma automatically said her head hurt (she's in a booster seat now remember...).

We get out of the van and check our children before even giving the driver of the other van a glance. Once we knew that they were okay but a little shaken up we turned our attention to the driver of the van.

He said that he thought we were in a turning lane. Nope, we were in the straight lane... the turning lane had it's on merge lane to our right into the Leduc Common area.... WE were in the lane that is supposed to go straight... And our light was green.

Nice guy though. He's 60 and this is his first accident... Ugh!

So we pulled in the a parking lot nearby (since we were taking up the whole intersection), traded information, called the Police... Started a file with them over the phone and then headed over to Leduc's RCMP branch where we filled out more information sheets and such.

Then we went to our Insurance Company as it just happens to be in Leduc (no actual planning with this years ago! *L*)... While Tyler dealt with that I took the girls for some furniture shopping (what else are girls supposed to do in this situation??!! *L*), looked at our house (OHHHHHHHHHH! Soooooooo sweet! Dishwasher in, counter tops in, flooring in... Carpet was being put in!!!!) and grabbed a drink and a cookie before picking up Daddy (who is now going to be late for work! Ugh!)....

I know that I'm going to hurt tomorrow.... Tyler will as well. We could feel it right away. I'm sure that Emma is going to feel the stiffness kick in over the next few days (I hate this for her!)...

So now my van has to be taken in (and more likely will be having a mini-vacation at the repair shop for a whole new front bumper, alignment check, etc.) and we'll be sharing the car.... Which we're very grateful to have as an option. I just wish that I could say to Tyler 'Nah, take the car, we'll hang out here tonight' but instead I have to drive him every day (and, of course, he's on night shift so we'll be picking him up at 12:30am...) just in case there's viewings of this house.... Grrr...

Oh! And I have to buy new car seats... Now. We weren't actually supposed to drive home with the car seats we have but how are we supposed to get anywhere? We don't even live in Leduc yet! *L* Now I'm on the panic to find someone to watch my girls for a few hours so I can buy new car seats tonight and not have to worry about it tomorrow as we have our days packed full for the move stuff.... Ugh again!

Yup... That was my afternoon. The accident happened at 12pm... Great start to the afternoon!


Sarah said...

Ya see, now that van is just cursed. Seriously - you have to replace the thing. There is some sort of voodoo sh** going on with it!!

What I love the most about this whole story, is that shortly after your accident...you called me and said right away "So, we might not have the van for your move" hahahah!!....*sigh* Really....that's okay. ;-)

Jesslikesstuff said...

Awww poor van! And poor kids! And poor Zaugg people who are going to have sore necks and backs!

What a sucky way to start your afternoon yesterday. I hope today has been waaaaay better and that your van gets repaired super quickly!